Pay-What-You-Can Guide to Merchant Fulfilling on Amazon During COVID-19

Eat Sleep Amazon's Tiffiany Hepburn is currently offering her e-book, "Guide to Merchant Fulfilling on Amazon" on a pay-what-you-can basis to help people navigate merchant fulfilling during this current pandemic and economic crisis.

Tiffany Hepburn, the founder of Eat Sleep Amazon, has created an e-book entitled “Guide to Merchant Fulfilling on Amazon,” which is now available on a pay-what-you-can basis on her website. The guide was created in collaboration with Shane Myers, eBay and Amazon seller, and YouTuber, also known as “Rise ‘N Grind Picker.” “Because many people have been laid off and are having financial difficulties at this time, this e-book is simply pay-what-you-can,” explains Hepburn.

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COVID-19 is causing many Amazon FBA sellers to merchant fulfill items. Currently, Amazon is still not accepting FBA shipments of all items into fulfillment centers, and items in fulfillment centers are having longer than usual delays in processing times. Due to these restrictions, many FBA sellers are transitioning their business model to include more merchant fulfilling of items that can quickly become less profitable due to the shipping fees incurred of shipping items directly to the customer.

“Merchant fulfilling is the way to go right now, especially if you are selling on Amazon. Due to COVID-19, many fulfillment centers are backed up with FBA items not shipping out for two to four weeks. Times are extremely tough for many! I spent many hours on research creating this e-book because I know many are new to merchant fulfilling on Amazon and other platforms, and I don’t want you losing your shirt over it. Merchant fulfilling costs can add up quickly, and you can lose a lot of money very quickly doing it!” says Hepburn.

The 12-page guide includes:

Merchant fulfilling shipping templates used by reputable Amazon sellers.

Tips to save time and money by merchant fulfilling such as how to get in touch with UPS Hazmat quickly, and how to minimize the cost of shipping items.

A comprehensive guide to setting up all necessary avenues inside Seller Central to be a successful and responsible Amazon seller who is merchant fulfilling.

Those interested can find additional tips for merchant fulfilling on Hepburn’s YouTube channel: Eat Sleep Amazon.

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