Paw Castle Releases Top 5 Indoor Dog Houses for Petowners

Don't sleep with your dog, warns, instead, learn about the best indoor dog houses for large and small pets.

While temperatures still shoot upwards into the 80s around much of the US, the calendar itself shouts fall has arrived. As pet owners begin to prepare for colder temperatures, the importance of a quality outdoor dog house cannot be stressed enough; however, indoor dog houses are quickly becoming the popular item for pets and their more fashion conscious owners. Gone are the days when a crate was all a pet needed, instead, stylish, sensible dog houses are popping up all across the country. With that in mind, Sarah Johnson, spokesperson for Paw Castle, has announced their comprehensive list of the top five best indoor dog houses.

Says Johnson, "Homeowners are finding that an indoor house is the perfect way to provide a dog with their own spot, one that's safe and perfect for nap times." According to spokesperson for the expert website, there are several types of homes to choose from, depending on the features desired, size, design and quality. "Along with the needs of the pet, it is important for pet owners to consider these factors before making a purchase. Ideally, indoor dog houses should be portable and lightweight, making it convenient for pet owners."

The dog house guide allows shoppers to view the best homes for their dog. Johnson explains, saying, "Our goal is for dog owners is to learn from this guide how to choose the best indoor dog houses for sale on the market today. Before publishing the review, the products are reviewed based on several buying factors to help our viewers make the best choice."

Some shoppers have questions about choosing dog house materials, so the guide addresses this issue. "Even when buying for the inside, it's good to purchase a house that would work well outside as well. Therefore, it's helpful to purchase a home made out of treated wood with pet-friendly coating to enhance protection against outdoor elements," says Johnson.

The guide also sings the praises of some Igloo dog houses. "We strongly advocate the Igloo homes, but it's good to learn more about igloo dog houses and the options available before purchasing. "The quality Igloo homes helps to keep away odor-causing bacteria, stains, mold, and mildew, so the pet always has a clean and healthy environment."

While some people are perfectly happy to sleep with their pets, Johnson warns against this, saying, "Sleeping with your pet can actually be harmful to owners and the dog. With an indoor pet home, your dog can sleep on its own comfortably without the risking your health. In addition, sleeping next to your dogs can develop a commitment that may be hard to break, for you and your pet."

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