Paul O'Mara Offers Free Tarot Readings

AstrOMara LTD offers a range of reading using phone, text or online. There are free readings on a range of topics and low rates for other services.

AstrOMara and Paul O'Mara is pleased to announce the offer of free tarot readings for customers who have questions about a range of topics. Some of the questions addressed in tarot readings include answering a wish, making a cosmic order, lottery numbers, tarot meanings, funfair psychic, and numerology. In addition to information on the website about tarot, Paul O'Mara recommends psychics and clairvoyants who can respond to more specific or detailed queries and problems.

Speaking in a recent interview, Paul O'Mara explained, “Tarot is an open book that enables a skilled reader, or Tarotologist, such as myself to experience a snapshot of your life situation, then to offer you directions as to your possible future. I am particularly sensitive to the correlation between Tarot and the Ancient Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Tarot truly gives you the opportunity to assess your situation, accept any lessons and re-invent yourself.”

He continues, “The ritual I follow when embarking on a spread is always the same. I focus my intention and using a process similar to auto-hypnosis tune my consciousness to the frequency of the cards. I ask the querent to either focus on a specific issue or 'tune out' completely to enable any underlying influences to surface through the reading.”

The website allows clients the opportunity to phone a psychic and obtain a reading from one of the highly qualified psychics available through the website. The top psychics in the country are able to respond to burning questions and issues in the life pathway.

The text a psychic service is suitable for clients who need a fast answer from almost anywhere. The service is available from Great Britain, as well as Northern Ireland. It provides fast and confidential psychic advice to a mobile phone. Use of this service means customers don't need to wait for a telephone booking or an email reading.

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