Patron Founder Atsushi Hisatsumi To Do A Presentation At CryptoNite World

Influencers platform Patron’s founder and CEO, Atsushi Hisatsumi will be doing a presentation at the CryptoNite World, an event that is held in San Francisco and organized by CryptoNite Ventures. Mr. Atsushi will also be interviewed exclusively by the founder of CryptoNite Ventures.

Atsushi Hisatsumi, the founder and CEO of the Japanese blockchain firm Patron, that is built to empower social influencers will be speaking at this year’s CryptoNite World event, confirms the organizers. He will be attending as a featured guest speaker along with a dozen other industry leaders.

Patron that is established with the mission to build a decentralized influencer marketing platform to deal with the inconsistencies in branded content, will also be introduced to the blockchain community during the two days program at San Francisco. CryptoNite World is a center stage for top cryptocurrency companies around the world to present the vision behind their projects and show how the use of blockchain would make them disruptive.

“Patron was chosen as the first Japanese project to be featured on CryptoNite World and the team is ready for the challenge to obtain a big shareholder for the company,” says a confident Atsushi about being invited to present the project to one of the biggest crypto events.

The influencer marketing has been around for a long time now. The rise in the use of social platforms has created a space where brands are able to connect with their customers. Social media has created this space that has enabled brands to reach out to common personalities that they can relate with. These personalities have built a huge number of followers on the social platforms hence marking influencer marketing to be effective and efficient.

The Aim of Patron

Patron aims to change the influencer marketing trend by bringing together different users and social influencers under a decentralized transparent network so as to eliminate the presence of agencies who mostly act as intermediaries.

The company had created a platform that caters to the needs of influencers and brands as well to guarantee maximum satisfaction to both the brand and the influencer. The introduction of the platform, therefore, allows for more money and exposure to influencers especially when they use the PAT token to pay for their sponsored marketing campaigns. The good thing about this is the fact that it is made easier by the use of Ethereum Smart Contracts platforms. Smart contracts, as they are known, eliminates any form intermediaries that may be in the market hence high agency fees are cut off.

Participation in Passion Leaders

Extravaganza, the parent company of Patron Inc recently announced their participation in General Incorporated Association Passion Leaders, the biggest group of first-class business executives in Japan. The team expressed their excitement about this participation in official announcement shared on BloqWire crypto news, quoting it would add more exposure and business interest to the project from around the world. Additional information on Passion Leaders can be found here:

The Team Behind the Influencers Platform

Atsushi Hisatsumi, the insightful man behind the project notes that Patron is a company he started with the goal of working with local influencers with the possibility of going international. The introduction of tokens to a market that is in need of disruption makes it easier for lots of profits to be made.

Besides Atsushi Hisatsumi, other members of the disruptive technology include Jared Polites (CSO), JD Salbego (COO), Jorge Rodriguez (Project manager & White hat) and Admir Baba (Community Director). The team from Japan includes the following: Kosuke Takada (CEO), Teruhito Shiraishi (CCO), and US Yusuke Motoki (Communications Manager).

Patron has gained massive support from celebrities worldwide such as Sanaa Lathan just to mention but a few. The influencers platform that Patron is building stands as an example of disruptive tech that has seen a space in the market to create efficient ways of doing things to benefit all.

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