Allows Bitcoin Users To Buy, Sell and Profit From Code Snippets Worldwide

New Bitcoin market allows professional coders, programmers and hobbyists to buy and sell code snippets in exchange for Bitcoin.

PasteCoin is a profitable Bitcoin alternative to – an unprecedented web market hub for buying and selling digital goods worldwide like code snippets, unused accounts, licence keys, texts, links and scripts. PasteCoin operates entirely within the Bitcoin ecosystem enabling completely safe sales and purchases. PasteCoin is an anonymous, convenient and fully encrypted Bitcoin escrow service protecting the buyer from faulty code while also preventing the seller from getting scammed. Tech enthusiasts and professionals alike are free to purchase products with Bitcoin without registration.

Buying products on PasteCoin is as effortless as a click of the mouse for both registered and non-registered members. When the buyer has found a product of interest they simply view the terms and conditions and click to purchase. After the digital product is paid for the customer unlocks their product to see the premium contents in highlighted format at the space of the “buy” button. Customers can then implement their purchased texts, code snippets or links to their website straight away or enjoy their newly bought tech goods. Buyers are entitled to a refund if a bad or faulty paste is detected.

PasteCoin acknowledges the expertise and efforts of global coders and programmers: both professionals and hobbyists. Thus PasteCoin is designed to help them profit from their achievements by earning Bitcoins without needing to set up their own infrastructure, host a shopping cart, or design a site. Vendors can start using PasteCoin effortlessly by creating an account for their profile and services. PasteCoin enables sellers to create both private and public pastes; choose the expiration and exclusivity of a product and get paid in Bitcoin 24 hours after their product was purchased. Sellers can also optimize their sales by hosting an affiliate program for their products. Hence not only can sellers profit from PasteCoin, but anyone can also share affiliate links to receive a percentage of a products sales.

With Bitcoin attracting accomplished people with diverse technical backgrounds, and the Bitcoin community gradually expanding beyond the rim of computer enthusiasts; a market platform for miscellaneous digital goods may very well become the next big thing in the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

Release ID: 58804