Pass PRINCE2 Online – Far Easier And Cheaper Than Classroom Teaching

Dave Litten’s PRINCE2® Primer is now a downloadable APM Group Licensed video PRINCE2 training product to prepare candidates for their 2013 PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner exams.

The PRINCE2 Primer prepares candidates for both Foundation and Practitioner Exams without the need to attend classroom training and is now fully licensed and endorsed by the APM Group as an Official PRINCE2 Pre-course Study.

Dave Litten has helped over 600,400 individuals to successfully become PRINCE2 Practitioners’ since 1997, and now his teaching techniques, skills and knowledge have been invested into the PRINCE2 Primer.

The PRINCE2 Primer Video training product is beautifully designed; simple to absorb in easy steps, and is downloaded direct to a delegate’s computer. The PRINCE2 Primer shows how to prepare for the PRINCE2 exams in half the time and with zero stress.

Check out Dave’s humorous launch video here:

The PRINCE2 Primer is organised in a logical sequence of learning steps, giving potential delegates a ‘learning funnel’ consisting of a sequenced overview first, then leading into a step-by-step approach so that the PRINCE2 method can be absorbed in easy bite-sized chunks. In this way a delegate can quickly and easily raise their PRINCE2 knowledge level to an exam-pass standard – in as little as three days.

According to Accredited PRINCE2 Trainer Dave, the biggest mistakes that cause PRINCE2 exam failure are leaving preparation too late, not understanding the wordy and complex official manual, assuming that PRINCE2 is a sequence, and consequently not learning the “framework” and principles first.

“What is clear from past evidence is PRINCE2 delegates are not realizing that after studying PRINCE2, they must also undertake vital practice at answering both Foundation and Practitioner exam Sample Papers”, says Dave.

He believes that anyone can become a PRINCE2 Practitioner, because they can absorb his PRINCE2 Toolkit in bite-sized chunks when it suits them; a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour at home, over the weekend – or even while travelling. Delegates get answers by rewinding the videos and watching as many times as they need, so that they will not miss any vital information. The High Definition downloadable Videos have Dave teaching exam delegates in a friendly conversational tone for easy listening, learning and absorbing.

The PRINCE2 Primer covers the full content and rigour within the official PRINCE2 Manual and is more thorough than any ‘classroom course’ because Dave has used the entire published APM Group Syllabus to benchmark his PRINCE2 Primer learning outcomes. The PRINCE2 Primer explains exactly what needs to be taught AND what is going to be examined, and is therefore helps anyone using the PRINCE2 Primer can get an exam pass score.

The PRINCE2 Primer can be played on a phone or any other portable video player. It consists of the following fully downloadable features:

• PRINCE2 Primer FULL-MOTION VIDEO Training Library
• PRINCE2 200 question and answer Foundation QUIZ
• PRINCE2 21 question and answer Practitioner QUIZ
• 16 easy-to-read PRINCE2 Primer Module Workbooks
• PRINCE2 Primer Quiz Score Card
• PRINCE2 Primer Matrix Master Reference
• Brand New PRINCE2 EXAM CRAM showing exactly what will be examined!

“Here’s what I’ve learned - you get to absorb knowledge and skills by being taught a top-down structured approach and in a logical sequence so that the student can learn in a manner and speed that suits them – not by being force-fed indigestible facts in a stress-filled 5 day classroom” the author writes.

David Geoffrey Litten has authored and published numerous books and training videos, and has delivered several thousand project management training seminars across the world. His Primer video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and are directly downloadable. He pursues his mission of helping PRINCE2 students and delegates grasp and apply the Method and become Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioners.

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