Expands Inventory With New Selection Of Cashmere Scarves

The online shop is giving women new ways to add style to their autumn wardrobes with the perfect accessory, reports recently announced the addition of a new selection of cashmere scarves to the site’s already-extensive inventory. With Denmark’s largest selection of cashmere scarves, the team behind the popular online shop is committed to making sure that women everywhere have access to these wardrobe-enhancing accessories in the season’s most sought-after patterns and colors. Customers can get a glimpse of the new inventory at

“There’s a distinct reason why scarves woven with real cashmere are considered the ultimate luxury. Cashmere is a natural fiber made from the cashmere goat’s undercoat, and only a very small amount of this ‘soft gold’ is produced each year. This rarity is what makes the expansion of our inventory so exciting. We have worked very closely with our manufacturers as well as paying attention to the latest trends, combining premium materials with the most fashionable colors to ensure the best selection for customers who want to add a bit of flair to their wardrobe,” said Nicolai Lundgaard of

At, customers can get a glimpse of PashminaWear’s extensive selection of handmade cashmere, wool, and silk scarves and shawls. Their accessory lines feature a range of styles, from classic to trendy and lightweight to heavier fabrics. All of PashminaWear’s scarves are made from natural materials with a manufacturing process that is gentler to the environment and allows for greater versatility.

Lundgaard went on to say, “Simply put, a cashmere scarf is the best addition anyone can make to their wardrobe. They are flexible enough to be worn with everyday attire but still add some style to special occasion looks. With fall right around the corner, we encourage those who appreciate the luxury of cashmere to visit our site and see what we have to offer. From multicolored stripes to the season’s hottest colors, our expanded selection of cashmere scarves has something for everyone.”


PashminaWear was founded to sell high-quality handmade cashmere, wool, and silk scarves and shawls for women. The company deals directly with the manufacturer, maintaining close contact to ensure their products are made only from natural materials. PashminaWear’s suppliers are as passionate as wool and cashmere as they are, and their entire manufacturing process from selection of raw material to spinning, weaving, and dyeing, focuses on delivering a special product their team can stand behind 100 percent.

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