PaperTrue: The Company Catering to Asia’s English Writing Needs

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PaperTrue, a Singapore-based editing and proofreading company, expands their clientele to include Asian businesses that require language support.

PaperTrue, a Singapore-based editing and proofreading company, expands their clientele to include Asian businesses that require language support.

The 21st century has enabled booming international trade like never before. English is the lingua franca that keeps global commerce in speed—via Business English, which much of the world, including Asia, is scurrying to catch up to. But that road, for now, is paved by linguistic and cultural obstacles. This is where editing and proofreading companies like PaperTrue enter the scene: as an ally to improve the quality of English-language writing.

The challenges of Business English in the Asian context
The widespread use of English is more prevalent than ever before and is becoming a crucial medium to connect with the world at large. This has led to the rise of ESP (English for Specific Purposes), which is a subset of English teaching that exposes its learners to subject-specific vocabulary and language conventions.

Many academic programs teaching English usually cover only basic conversational English. Due to a lack of focused exposure to the vocabulary relevant for them, EFL speakers often find it difficult to articulate complex ideas sufficiently. There’s also a risk of miscommunication with overseas clients and partners if grammar or vocabulary is used incorrectly.

Written communication is important
Business documents can make or break important deals. These days, a lot of commercial communication happens over the internet. As meeting associates face-to-face can be time and cost-intensive, sending across a smartly worded letter is more effective. That’s how most business deals get sealed through emails, telephones, or video conferences. This makes the written word highly valuable for all involved parties. A well-written business letter conveys trust, interest, and assurance of high-quality, whereas a poorly written piece shows a lack of due diligence, interest, and weak preparedness.

PaperTrue, as expert editors and proofreaders, helps businesses and professionals across the world craft effective written material that allows their businesses to prosper.

What PaperTrue does
Studies show there is an increasing need for business English editing, proofreading, and translation services across Asia. After being at the forefront of the editing and proofreading service space for over seven years, they have realized how crucial it is to fill that void in Asia as well. Today, they stand proud as enablers of that. Here are their main areas of function:

PaperTrue’s experienced business editors review each document with precision, keeping in mind the needs and specific requirements of the business. Whether it’s for internal circulation or to be sent out to stakeholders, they ensure the text is crisp and professional. They pay attention to aspects such as tone, clarity, proper word choice and usage, and structure. Depending on the context, they also make sure that the text is not too jargon-heavy and has clear messaging.

For many of their long-term business collaborations, they also maintain a style sheet based on the company’s language requirements and format of the documents being worked upon.

Global business houses make sure that all their collateral is thoroughly proofread by professionals. PaperTrue steps in as a collaborative expert, making sure that each page and every word is perfectly arranged by eliminating all language and grammatical errors. Their expert proofreaders check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, proper sentence structure, and ensure that each document adheres to appropriate formatting conventions.

Over the years, PaperTrue has built a reputation for providing world-class services in the translation, editing, and proofreading industry. Having worked closely with many Asian business professionals on a variety of documents, they thoroughly understand each client’s specific needs, while also being aware of cultural differences they need to consider while refining documents translated into English from their native languages.

How they help businesses
Impeccable business documents are crucial to winning new deals and partners. PaperTrue’s expert editors understand the needs of each business, with careful consideration for each client’s cultural and linguistic context. Your document is thoroughly reviewed to ensure it is entirely free of all language errors.

If your document requires deeper editing, they also refine the style, sentence structure, clarity, and coherence and give you detailed feedback so that your document makes the right impact on your target audience.
Business documents we refine:
The company is also aware of the range of documents that businesses often encounter, and what they mean in various contexts. This is why they work on all possible document types including business reports, presentations, magazines, blogs, website copy, business plans, newsletters, and translated documents.

About PaperTrue
PaperTrue's mission is to provide laser-sharp English editing and proofreading to all their clients. They polish the ideas and aspirations of countless businesses, professionals, and students from around the world. With a team of over 100 in-house editors who edit and process 40 full-length documents every day, PaperTrue is one of the world’s foremost companies in the editing, proofreading, and translation service space.

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