Pangeanic Updates Its Website With Both Clinical Trial And Sony Translations Case Studies

Pangeanic has shared details of the work it has completed on behalf of Sony Europe and other Sony divisions, and also clinical trial company Q-Trials, to help people understand the versatility and breadth of their translations.

Translation is an increasingly essential resource for any company that wants to operate on an international level, which is becoming easier than ever thanks to increased globalization. The European translation company Pangeanic has excelled in creating German, Spanish, English and French translations using both in-country specialists and unique machine translation engines. Pangeanic has recently updated its website to include case studies of the exceptional work it has achieved in both these areas, focusing on Sony and Q-Trials.

The case study of the Sony relationship describes decades of work in partnership with award winning results, together with custom built statistical machine translation engines based on the PangeaMT platform. Pangeanic used Sony’s entire text archive to identify how the machine could reflect Sony’s tone, voice and marketing perspectives through four different European languages, including German and French translations.

The Q-Trial case study reveals something very different- the importance of fast and accurate, specialist medical translation. The company has over 1TB of contextual data and terminology from the medical field alone. That huge amount of data helps Pangeanic’s translators to refer to previously translated material very accurately. It also works as the basis for machine translation services, as bilingual texts feed machine learning algorithms that recognize language patterns – in a similar way as to how Google Translate works. Translator teams are sourced in-country and they include professional medical translators to translate many language combinations, including Hebrew to Spanish, German to Hebrew and Hebrew to Dutch, to pull off the complex collaboration.

A spokesperson for Pangeanic explained, “Pangeanic is pleased to be able to report on the results we have created for these clients, which enable us to demonstrate the power and flexibility of our translation services, and the way in which both machine translation and expert translators themselves can be hybridized to create the most effective, and cost-effective solutions for companies of all scales, in all industries. We are committed to providing the very best services available anywhere in the world, and these case studies demonstrate how far we will go to ensure we do just that.”

About Pangeanic: Pangeanic has been offering industry leading professional translation services since 1997. We have developed cutting edge technology to enable us to offer fast, accurate machine and technical translation. Pangeanic can translate from and into any language at the most competitive rates, thanks to a combination of experienced translators with in-depth knowledge of both the languages and industries involved, and thousands of terminology databases informing their machine translation, utilizing terabytes of data for ultimate accuracy.

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