Pangeanic CEO Invited To Speak At TC Conference 2015 in Kyoto, Japan in October

The Japanese Technical Communicators Association has invited Pangeanic CEO Manuel Herranz to discuss their cutting edge syntax based automated translation software for business.

Professional translation services for specific documents should always be left to a translator with knowledge of the field the document has been created within, whether that be business, technical, industrial or even medical. However, online content is proliferating at a rate no translation service can keep up with, and no business has the budget for. As such, online translation software has found its market, but is far from perfect. Pangeanic, a company of expert translators of over a hundred language combinations, has developed the very latest in automated translation technology, and will introduce the product at the TC conference in Kyoto this October.

The conference was created by the Japanese Technical Communicators Association to discuss the very latest in translation industry matters, and Pangeanic’s CEO, Manuel Herranz, was personally invited by the association to discuss his latest brainchild, PangeaMT.

PangeaMT will offer Japanese translation services, but this barely scratches the surface. It is a machine translation technology that has seen collaboration between companies, universities and event national governments to bring to life using the latest statistical and syntactic translation approaches. The machine will enable engine creation and update, full customization and enable them to supply machine translation output and plug it to third-party Content Management Systems.

A spokesperson for Pangeanic explained, “The conference is something we know Manuel is looking forward to, and getting into the specific details of how this goliath of a project came to be will provide a fascinating insight to the international representatives in attendance. We couldn’t have achieved this without the participation of researchers, experts, modelers, programmers and even governments. Now PangeaMT is ready to launch, we are comfortable with talking about the years of development that have created it, as this is not something our competitors could undertake in a hurry. We are also looking forward to hearing from other delegates at the conference about how the field is evolving, so we can ensure we stay on the cutting edge.”

About Pangeanic: Pangeanic is the professional translation agency of choice for website translations, technical translations & medical translations. They provide quality translations at competitive prices and have done so since 1997, today developing the very latest in automated translation technology. Experts in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese & Japanese translation services in more than100 language combinations.

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