Pakapro Introduces PE Foam Wrap With An Outstanding Protection Cover

Pakapro launches brand new protection equipment for delicate items in the form of PE foam wrap. The light-weight and thin texture of the material provides an outstanding cushioning to the items packed inside it.

Pakapro has come up with innovative packaging material and named it the foam wrap. It is an extremely lightweight material that has tiny air bubbles to provide a cushion to the packed items.

Also, the foam wrap is so intricately designed that the material leaves no marks afterward on the packaged product. It is scratch-free and non-abrasive in nature. The tiny air bubbles give the overall content a bouncy and do not let the item to get harmed during jerks and jolts.

Thus, the foam wrap is regarded as an excellent material for protecting delicate and brittle items like glassware, metal, or even polished products. Since it is scratch-free, shiny, and glossy, things are likely to remain intact during long travels, as well.
One of the spokespeople of Pakapro revealed more about its usage. He said, “The material is so built that it does not produce any static electricity, unlike bubble wraps. Therefore, it makes the material more feasible for packing and carrying sensitive electrical equipment.”

Later, he also added, “The foam wrap is reusable too; it maintains the bouncy nature even after multiple uses which are often absent in bubble wraps. The PE foam wrap has improvised features regarding protection.”

The best part of these foam wraps is that they are available for ready usage. The presence of cut-out sheets in various sizes makes them an excellent choice for wrapping valuable items that are smaller in format. These act as an interleaving packet between the product and the carton outside. View here.

Further, the foam wrap is also available in different thickness as well, that ranges from 1mm to about 4mm. The thick ones are mainly designed to provide insulation. Alongside, there are foam blocks that are cut out blocks with appropriate corners meant for placing items in them for protection.

A senior member from Pakapro also joined in announcing the reason behind using this as, “FPE foam wraps are ideal for parcels and due to their light-weight, their usage is growing in popularity. Plus, these are available at a very cost-effective price.”

Later, the CEO of Pakapro also added, “Being the CEO of Pakapro, I have tried to maintain the quality of the product that we sell out here. PE foam wrap has undergone several tests under guided surveillance before getting launched in the market.”
“We are still working on to improve the product for equipping it to provide even higher levels of protection,” he further added.

About the company:
Pakapro is a plastic manufacturing company with over nine years of experience. The company has catered to a large number of customers with PVC films, air bubble wraps, chit films, and many more such protective materials.
With the introduction of PE foam wraps, it hopes to reach out to more users and make them aware of such cushioning for their non-durables. With its continued and relentless effort, it strives to grow even higher.

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