Paint Zoom Reviewer Releases New Round of Paint Sprayer Reviews and Guides

Newly published articles include in-depth review of Wagner Flexio 980 and advice as to where to buy the solidly built Graco Magnum X5, Paint Zoom Reviewer reports

Paint Zoom Reviewer published an extensive new batch of reviews and guides. Originally focused specifically on the Paint Zoom system, the Paint Zoom Reviewer website now covers paint sprayers of all kinds. The newly published articles include a review of the popular Wagner Flexio 890 sprayer, a look at the best places to buy the high-quality Graco Magnum X5, and more. Paint Zoom Reviewer publishes only genuine paint sprayer reviews, ensuring that readers will always have access to real, unfiltered opinions that will help them make better purchasing decisions.

"We've had a busy summer here at Paint Zoom Reviewer, and we're happy to announce that we've just uploaded a bunch of fresh, new content," site founder Jim Cross said, "Our readers have been asking about Wagner's Flexio 980, and we have responded with an in-depth new analysis of what it has to offer. We've also spotted some great deals on the Magnum X5, a high-end sprayer that actually delivers a lot of value if you buy it from the right seller, as our new guide points out."

Traditionally, homes were painted both inside and out in painstaking fashion using low-tech brushes and rollers. While that approach can be effective, it is incredibly time consuming and labor intensive, particularly when more than a single coat of paint must be applied.

Paint sprayers are devices that hold and emit precisely metered, focused mists of paint, greatly cutting down on the labor involved in painting. There are a number of approaches to producing finely aerosolized paint that will produce a smooth, even coat, from the use of simple air pressure to more sophisticated techniques like electrostatic energy. Formerly, devices of this kind tended to be prohibitively expensive for amateurs, leaving them solely in the hands of professional, full-time painters.

That has changed in recent years, though, with many technological advancements making paint sprayers more relevant even to those who plan only an occasional paint job. Paint Zoom Reviewer was originally founded to provide helpful, unbiased information about one of the most popular of these consumer-grade devices, the pioneering Paint Zoom system.

Since then, as the number of affordable models on the market has ballooned, Paint Zoom Reviewer has expanded to include coverage of all kinds of paint sprayers. Today, visitors can read reviews of paint sprayers from all the major manufacturers, with the site's founding commitment to truthful, no-nonsense analysis still entirely in force.

The site's new update includes a number of frequently requested features. With Paint Zoom Reviewer fans expressing increasing interest in the Wagner Flexio 980 sprayer, the site's reviewers took an in-depth look at that device, concluding that it is a well-rounded option with only a single weak point. A new guide to buying options for the popular Graco Magnum X5 sprayer is also available, giving readers a chance to score this high-end unit at an unbeatable price.

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