PACSafe Brings the Power of Masternodes to Blockchain Networks

Introducing PACSafe - a next generation masternode hosting tool which overcomes the barriers to entry for aspiring masternode hosts by automatically running and monitoring masternodes within a fully integrated node/wallet application.

Cheyenne, WY, November 11, 2020 – Payment and blockchain network innovators PAC Global announce the launch of PACSafe, a free desktop application that deploys and monitors digital currency masternodes quickly, easily, and economically. The free application will be available on December 15th, 2020 from

Digital currencies that employ masternodes can generate passive income for investors which is similar to the mining/staking process for many digital assets, but by comparison offers superior security, transaction validation speeds, and control over their cybercurrency stakes. However, the deployment of a masternode has historically been cumbersome and practical for only the most tech savvy investors, as masternodes host the entire distributed ledger for each currency held and monitoring their performance can be a headache. Significantly simplifying the process of running masternodes so that even the digital currency layman can participate in generating passive income via this method has been widely viewed as a game-changer for currencies employing masternode protocols. Well, now the game has been changed…

“Masternodes have replaced mining for many crypto investors,” notes PAC Global CEO Drew Saunders. “The investment market needed an application that makes launching and running a masternode just as easy as opening an online savings account. That was our goal and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Introducing PACSafe - a next generation masternode hosting tool which overcomes the barriers to entry for aspiring masternode hosts by automatically running and monitoring masternodes within a fully integrated node/wallet application. Investors can now deploy new masternodes from the same sleek UI that they use to manage their cryptocurrency investments. The development process of PACSafe involved the meticulous refinement of every last detail of the immensely popular PAC wallet application. The PAC Global team is confident that both new and long-time users will be astounded by this newfound simplicity and efficiency in masternode hosting/management.

PACSafe’s Auto-Setup feature allows anyone to deploy a masternode with a single click without ever touching a terminal or reaching for a Linux manual. Upgrading or reinstalling existing masternodes is just as easy: choose your node, click a button, and PACSafe does the rest. PACSafe itself is updated automatically.

One of the major advantages of masternode protocols over other alternatives is that masternodes put investors in control by hosting entire distributed ledgers. PACSafe has taken this aspect of control a step further by providing a full suite of tools that substantially enhance one’s ability to manage the hosting process. PACSafe provides a comprehensive overview of inputs and addresses while each transaction is fully documented with detailed information that is available whenever users enter a receive address. Best of all, the PACSafe wallet itself refreshes automatically with no need for manual restarts.

Users of all types deserve an interface that offers the power and flexibility to manage their digital assets in a manner that is easy, straightforward, and highly efficient. PACSafe achieves this feat by providing users with all pertinent information in real time while providing robust transaction filters, a handy unlock timer, and the ability to display digital currency balances in any currency of choice. These include PAC, BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, or any other currency that happens to catch their eye.

It’s a truly ground-breaking approach to masternode management. So why, after spending so much time and effort developing PACSafe, is PAC Global making it freely available to everyone?
“It’s another way for us to support the crypto space in general,” says Saunders. “We prefer to take a long view of crypto markets and we absolutely believe that if we support investors in building stable, responsive arenas for trading digital currencies then we’ll all benefit.”

About PAC Global

PAC Global is one of the largest proof-of-stake, blockchain masternode run networks in the world. With a legacy that originally dates back to 2013, PAC Global has continually expanded its robust network’s size, scale, and security to unparalleled new heights. To learn more about how the ease of PACSafe puts the ultimate power in the hands of digital asset users along with other exciting and innovative products such as PACapp and IPFS distributed data storage all powered by PAC Global, please contact David Gokhshtein at

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