OZAC Architect Introduces Urban Design & Recycling in Residential Architecture

OZAC Architect is introducing urban design techniques in residential architect based on climatic condition and comfort. They are also promoting tree plantation along with recycling of old stuff in their design strategies.

OZAC Architect is introducing a whole new brilliance in their residential architectural concepts with the touch of urban designs. Their expert designers are trying to incorporate a fresh angle of making design based on the climate as well as comfort in living.

This idea is going to be a revelation in the architectural field. The basic concept will lie by rainfall, amount of sunshine and climatic changes. They have an elaborate explanation on this –
“For the areas where rain is more, the terrace should be slanting so that the water doesn’t remain there for long.”

Similarly, if the climate is on the hotter side, then it is better to avoid large glass windows which will trap sunlight and make the interior warmer. Also, with aluminium window panelling, there is a chance of rainwater sweeping in.

These choices of designs are not limited only to New Zealand, but also in other places like Shanghai and Tianjin where they work. This entire concept of urban designing might just take the house maintenance costs down by a considerable amount.

“Our motto is to design something that looks good, easy to maintain and lasts longer; this is what our urban style is all about”, said the Head Designer of OZAC Architect.

They are encouraging space management through these designs to make the most out of the area. Presently, they have reduced making long indoor passages as it unnecessarily consumes extra space.

The company is also using the lawn and the surrounding space of the house to add lustre to the comfort of living. They are incorporating plants and trees in the urban design to give a modern yet rustic look.

This idea of adding trees is to bring a balance between the straight lines of a building and prompt colours.

Someone from the organisation also cited, “Home should feel relaxing and clean, and trees help in adding these elements in residential designs.”

For clients who are willing to modify their old home, OZAC Architect designers are promoting the urban concept of recycling. They are enthusiastic enough to use the complex design of mosaic, ceiling, hardwood flooring and reshape it to something new.

The motto of this urban design concept is to minimize wastage and recycle most of the reusable things into an entirely new fashion.

OZAC Architect is doing great with their excellent urban design all over the world and promoting the idea of collaborating style, comfort as well as durability for a longer period.

About the company:
OZAC Architect is an International partnership company which started in the year 2005 as Jackson and Associate International Architects (JAIA). Over the years it has expanded its wings and now is one of the leading architectural firms in Auckland, Shanghai and Tianjin. They have experts who are well trained in making small, medium to commercial projects and utilize space in the best possible manner.

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