Owners of Best Riding Lawnmowers For Sale Create New Fidget Cube Startup

With years of success in online business through Riding Lawnmowers for Sale, the team working in their office has developed the ultimate fidget cube, and launched an independent startup.

The team behind Best Riding Lawnmowers for Sale, a successful online retail outlet supplying the nation with the best lawn mowing equipment at the best prices, has now announced an entirely new and surprising direction: a startup developing the ultimate fidget cube. The idea for the cube grew from the office staff working together to develop a device that could increase productivity and focus while maximizing variety in the hand.

Best Riding Lawnmowers for Sale provides a comprehensive range of different ride on mowers from the best brands in the business, offering the maximum range of features, functions and applications to customers at prices they are happy to pay. During their busy days administrating the business, the owners found the need for something kinaesthetic and stimulating that could be used in the office to eliminate the need for distraction.

The new Fidget Cube has been designed to provide six unique tactile functions. With a super simple design created to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible, the fidget cube has six sides that offer clicking, flipping, gliding, breathing, rolling and spinning actions. The cube has been designed to be used by anyone who needs to concentrate more easily, from students to CEOs.

A spokesperson for Best Riding Lawnmowers For Sale explained, “Our lawnmower site has proved that we can make a success of a challenging combination of sales, logistics, customer services, and product selection. The new fidget cube is our first foray into new product development, and is something unique and distinct in the market today. While fidget spinners might be too distracting and gimmicky for use in business, the fidget cube provides a greater variety of tactile responses in a business-friendly format. As such, we have launched a unique website for the product, and can’t wait to get it off our shelves and into businesses throughout the country.”

About Best Riding Lawnmowers For Sale: Best Riding Lawnmowers For Sale is an online store providing the US with the best riding lawnmowers available, from best-loved manufacturers, at the most affordable prices. By establishing special relationships with manufacturers, and operating exclusively online, they are able to pass on significant savings, together with full warranties and satisfaction guarantees, on every product.

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