OVIO PairLock Offers The Perfect Home Security Solution For Back-To-School Parents/Students

OVIO is an international company based mold design and design-oriented creative ID of the company, has accumulated More than 600 design cases

Currently in the phase of acquiring funds and support through an online crowdfunding campaign, the OVIO PairLock promises to be a revolutionary design that uses one key to unlock all locks using a blend of password functionality and standard key safety that will be perfect for household with working parents and school going kids.

One of the strongest benefits of the OVIO PairLock for families is that it is easy to manage and affordable. Parents with school going children know that without a reliable home security system their mind is always concerned about the safety and protection of their children. The OVIO PairLock combines 6 features in to one such as the remotely unlocking Plock and no power off to make it a manageable yet secure solution for families. Due to its unique security features, the OVIO PairLock is more superior to electrical locks that can be easily compromised.

The developers of the OVIO PairLock are also parent and are fully aware of the security concerned parent have regarding their school going children. The PairLock Padlock is perfect for back-to-school parents/students looking for a reliable home security solution, it will turn the Digit Wheels which will allow users to set up their unique multiple digit codes and also change the combination, which allows parent to maintain maximum security by switching digit codes combinations when required. OVIO PairLock can customize the digit wheel to meet different unique safety requirement. Users can choose a standard 4-digit passcode, or add additional unique digit wheel for added security.

The crowdfunding campaign is currently live on Indiegogo with a funding goal of at least $20,000 USD to be raised within the next 23 days. A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions, including OVIO PairLock Padlocks.

To learn more about OVIO PairLock and to make a contribution to the project, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ovio-pairlock-one-key-for-all--3#

About: OVIO is an international company based mold design and design-oriented creative ID of the company, has accumulated More than 600 design cases , mainly in the main mold design , development to product design, combined with a wealth of experience in mold design , including the appearance of the ID design , mechanical design , model making, production agents , taking into consideration the market demand for products , manufacturing costs, product value , unique concept for enterprises to achieve possessed leading brand design.


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