Overcast HQ Teams Up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Deliver High Resolution Video Streaming at Scale

Overcast HQ and AWS team up to offer content owners a new video encoding service up to 25x faster and with savings of up to 50% on video storage and delivery

(DATELINE 17 April 2020) – Overcast HQ announces API integration with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, to automate the creation of broadcast quality video-on-demand content for multiscreen delivery by media and enterprise businesses.

Content Owners (be they traditional media companies or new digital publishers, brand owners, agencies and creatives) require flexible, automated workflows to create high quality, professional video content for a wide range of business uses, from entertainment to marketing, product, safety, HR and more. The API integration between Overcast and AWS Elemental MediaConvert can simplify technical tasks and reduce the time it takes to create content in multiple formats for multiscreen distribution.

Overcast is a cloud-based Video Content-as-a-Service (VCaaS) Platform for anyone that works with video, from marketers, broadcasters, sales teams, managers, and production teams. Overcast is a powerful solution that automates mundane technical tasks and streamlines how businesses manage and collaborate on video. Automated workflows, machine learning and an elegant UI combine to help businesses reduce costs and get content to market faster.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features that allows users to easily create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale.

By leveraging AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Overcast HQ customers can take advantage of Accelerated Transcoding to increase the processing speed of file-based video encoding jobs by up to 25 times. Work that would have previously taken months can now be finished in days, resulting in faster ROI and freeing resources for other priorities. In addition, AWS Elemental MediaConvert’s Quality-Defined Variable Bit Rate (QVBR) encoding delivers consistently high-quality video viewing experiences while keeping budget under control, saving up to 50% on storage and delivery costs.

Together, Overcast HQ and AWS Elemental MediaConvert provide a complete Digital and Media Asset Management solution and flexible workflows that give enterprise customers a fast and easy way to manage video.

“Making quality content that can be seen on everything from televisions to mobile phones is complicated. There are more than 600 video formats and even the world’s biggest media companies can struggle with the engineering. Managing formats is probably not the most glamorous part of content creation – but it is essential and we want to automate those mundane tasks. Which is precisely why we are leveraging AWS Elemental to help standardize formatting, reduce costs, and accelerate the time to market for M&E as well as enterprise,” says Philippe Brodeur, CEO of Overcast.

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Overcast HQ is a Video Content-as-a-Service platform that ties together media asset management, collaboration, and machine learning with an elegant UI to automate media workflows and streamline business processes. They stand at the forefront of cloud-based video asset management solutions. By automating mundane tasks and streamlining workflows, they significantly reduce the video complexities for business teams. The API-driven platform integrates advanced tech solutions for speed and simplification. Overcast works with brands, publishers and large content owners as well as traditional broadcasters.
For more information on VCaaS, please see the 8 Principles of VCaaS.

Some interesting achievements by Overcast HQ:
2020: Granted $1.6m under the Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund (DTIF)
2019 Named in Streaming Media Europe’s top 101 companies lighting up the online video industry

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