Over 122,000 businesses listed in less that 2 months on Manager Mint Media

Manager Mint Media released its online business directory at the beginning of September 2018 and by the end of October 2018 has hit 122,000+ listings.

One of the biggest struggles every business faces at some point is how to increasing their brand’s exposure in the light all the competition that can be found. It can be hard for new businesses to get their foot in the door into a niche market without being overshadowed by the dominate player in that market making it hard for businesses to survive unless they are one of the first companies in.

Manager Mint Media is helping businesses solve this problem by offering a variety of free resources to help businesses take control of building their brand’s exposure and one of the best ways is through their new online business directory. Online business directories are not new by any means but there is something to be said about how effective they are and who is hosting them.

The online business directory that is featured by Manager Mint Media is becoming one of the “go to” places for business. In less that two months Manager Mint Media has listed over 122,000 businesses. Either search brand specific or by category. For instance, there are over 8,000 realtors on Manager Mint Media. Most businesses listed are from the United States but toward the later weeks of October, the directory has expanded internationally. Listings can be found from just about every continent with the bulk coming from England, India, Pakistan and China.

Companies can claim their listing for free or create a new one if they are not already listed. Directory listings can be managed and edited from the users account to keep the most current information available on their listing and also come with a built-in contact form. All for free. This is huge and usually contact forms are a means to get someone into a paid listing, but not on Manager Mint Media. But it doesn’t stop there, because businesses can and will need more exposure than what the free account can offer.

For businesses that want the most exposure for their brand, there are several premium listing options that one can get, however, the most cost effective plan is actually the best plan to get into. The Platinum Listing comes packed with features and offers the biggest discount from the month to month price as well as the lowest monthly average cost of list. The Platinum listing allows a brand to upload 10 images, have unlimited content length for their listing, enable their listing on Google Maps, allow for customers to rate them as well as grants them the ability to have files attached to their listing that potential customers can download for more information.

Platinum listings come with three additional features that are not available in any other premium listing option which is a highlighted listing in gold, which is extremely beneficial in the search results to stand out, what is known as a sticky listing, which causes the platinum listing to be at the top of the search results in the category and location in which the business resides, and lastly, the Platinum listing is also a featured listing which enables the listing to appear in certain popular areas of the website like the homepage or the business directory landing page.

Manager Mint Media’s online business directory is looking to be one of the best sites to be listed on. All listings come already search engine optimized allowing business to be located when someone searches keywords in their favorite search engine like Google or Bing. On top of this, Manager Mint Media is visited by thousands of viewers every month from over 112 different countries and continues to grow on a daily basis. If your business is not on Manager Mint Media, it should be.

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