OutdoorFitLab Launches Campaign Warning of Overhydration and Dehydration

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In the past, many issues for runners training for marathons were blamed on dehydration. The truth is that the top elite finishers are usually the most dehydrated of all runners, with those taking longer being at a higher risk for becoming overhydrated. The fact is, overhydration is a more serious condition that has potentially life-threatening complications. In most cases, overhydration occurs when an athlete tries too hard to prevent cases of dehydration.

In an effort to help inform runners and athletes of the dangers and solutions for hydration issues and concerns, OutdoorFitLab has recently launched a new article focused on this topic to explain the dangers of each.

“The dangers associated with both overhydration and dehydration are often overlooked, but something that all athletes should understand and be aware of,” stated company representative Kenneth Peterson. “Our article not only focuses on the various issues associated with hydration but also offers product reviews and information on the various hydration belt options available to help ensure these issues do not occur.”

The athletes most at risk for hyponatremia, or overhydration, is those who take four to five hours to finish a marathon and who mainly drink water during the event. These runners have an easier time to drink water because they are running at a slower pace, which also means they have more time to fill up on the fluids. This can be dangerous and lead to serious conditions.

“In addition to offering information about hydration issues, we also offer comprehensive reviews and information on various Running Belt products,” continued Peterson. “We want to ensure athletes have the tools and information necessary to make educated decisions regarding the proper way to remain hydrated and avoid overhydration while training or running in a marathon.”

Learn more about hydration issues and browse the product reviews on hydration products by visiting the OutdoorFitLab website.


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