Outdoor Nirvana Website Launched Offering Information for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Making the most of outdoor adventures means being well-equipped and well-informed, publishes outdoornirvana.com

Recent reports point to a national uptick in outdoor activities among adults and children with almost 45 percent now participating in hiking, camping and similar pastimes. This comes on the heels of a steady decade-long decline. As the renewed interest in nature continues to gain steam, the demand for outdoor equipment follows suit. With this in mind, Benjamin Barr has launched Outdoor Nirvana, a new website for outdoor enthusiasts.

"Taking a quick stroll around the neighborhood doesn't require much more than a good pair of walking shoes and a few minutes of free time," said Barr, "but for the true outdoor enthusiast, it's a bit more involved. Plenty of products are available for those who like to get out and enjoy nature, but deciding which ones stand out from the rest can be a bit difficult. Outdoor Nirvana aims to become the nation's go-to source for information on equipment by providing ample resources geared toward those who want to gear up for a great adventure."

Hiking boots topped last year's list of highly sought-after items. According to https://www.outdoornirvana.com/, considerations for hiking boots share a number of similarities with those for walking and running shoes, such as appropriate arch support and snug but not overly tight fit. From there, this specific type of footwear branches off to include insulation, water proofing and ankle support among other characteristics. Socks designed to help regulate moisture and foot temperature are also said to be important to overall comfort.

Aside from hiking, camping is likewise on the rise in terms of popularity and participation. Necessary equipment for this activity includes tents, sleeping bags, fire-starters, paracord, flashlights, sunscreen and bug repellent among other essentials, points further discussed on the Outdoor Nirvana Website. In addition to product reviews, informational articles are provided through outdoornirvana.com.

Concluded Barr, "We offer reviews on the best hiking boots and socks, hammocks, tents, kayaks, fishing equipment and much more; not to mention, we provide a number of articles filled with advice on camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. We're here to help readers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages get the most out of their excursions and will continue to add more information to our list of resources over time."

About Outdoor Nirvana:

Extending a wide range of outdoor equipment reviews and information on making the most of each adventure in nature, Outdoor Nirvana encourages readers to get equipped and get moving.

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