OTR.TO Now Offering Self Destructing Private Chat and Upload Services For True 21st Century Privacy

OTR.TO has expanded its range of services by providing peer to peer chat and upload services that self destruct after use, leaving no record or archive, perfect for planning surprise parties and more.

Ever since Edward Snowden leaked evidence of the sheer breadth and scale of government snooping into private citizens’ communications, people have been looking for increasingly secure ways to talk to one another online. The difficulty is that almost all online messaging services keep archives of conversations which can be sold to big data farms for analysis, uploads can be tracked back to email addresses, and nothing is free from potential oversight. OTR.TO is on a mission to change that, and to their existing self-destructive message service they have added self destructing private chat rooms and file transfers, for the ultimate in modern privacy.

Using the p2p chat room means all history of the chat is forcibly eradicated after the session is concluded, guaranteeing there is no record of what has been said. The self destructing upload means file transfers are similarly wiped out after the file has been successfully received.

What’s more, there is no danger of oversight during the conversation or transfer, as the services are fully encrypted with the latest algorithms to ensure not even the NSA can force their noses into people’s business. OTR.TO therefore represents a major step in the fight to regain online privacy.

A spokesperson for OTR.TO explained, “People are more conscious than ever about their privacy online but have so far lacked tools that empower them to reclaim it. Proxy servers can be traced, email clients monitored, but our new systems ensure that people can communicate with full privacy. This also has great social advantages for individuals wanting to organize surprise parties or events, or send digital files to form part of a celebration where stealth is of the utmost importance. We are hoping this new expansion of our tools will enable people to once again feel safe and free in their use of the internet.”

About OTR.TO: OTR.TO began life as a way for people to send self destructing messages to their friends, before expanding to include self destructing private peer to peer chat services and self destructing file transfers, as a modern answer to online users’ growing privacy concerns. All services are fully encrypted for maximum security during use.

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