Orthodontist Publishes Work on Efficacy of Invisalign®

Dr. Mazyar Moshiri about the effective use of Invisalign®.

One of the most difficult aspects of orthodontic work is correcting molars which are off line with the rest of the mouth. At one time, expensive metal brace work was necessary to help align molars, but Dr. Moshiri has found that the use of Invisalign® has a high degree of effective use.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® are clear and removable. This mean patients are able to eat whatever foods they enjoy but still receive proper orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Moshiri’s publication discusses several aspects of the treatment:
- Correction of 1st and 2nd molars;
- Use of elastics early in treatment;
- Use of a Bite Jump;
- TSD analysis first molar to first molar

Each tip has sufficient detail to explain how or why the particular aspect of treatment was so beneficial to patients.

Dr. Moshiri explains, “Invisalign is an excellent appliance for use in treating Class II malocclusions with success. special attention to correcting poor rotations of upper molars is very beneficial in treatment outcomes and progress, and their correction achieves many important goals towards Class I progression.”

The article is beneficial to any orthodontic professional with an interest in doing what is best for their patients in a least restrictive fashion.

“Invisalign® has become preferred by many who do not want the traditional braces look or those who would rather be able to eat freely. The outcomes are generally the same, but I personally found Invisalign® preferable in my practice,” said Moshiri.

Dr. Moshiri has several practices in St. Louis, Mo., and the surrounding areas. He and his staff welcome new patients.

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