ORMS TeamBuilder Wins Major Award

Dr. Harold Arkoff was awarded a "Special Award" by the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists at their annual convention in recognition of his revolutionary operating room management software called, ORMS TeamBuilder(TM).

To view Dr. Harold Arkoff receiving his award: http://sdrv.ms/JrDuff

For over sixty-six years, the Post Graduate Assembly (PGA) - the annual meeting of the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists - has been a focal point for innovation and change in the medical specialty of anesthesiology. The PGA is currently one of the largest annual gatherings for anesthesiologists worldwide, and a premier international meeting.

In keeping with this spirit, Dr. Harold Arkoff was awarded a "Special Award" in recognition of his revolutionary operating room management software called, ORMS TeamBuilderTM, by Dr. Richard A. Beers on behalf of the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists.

Dr. Arkoff’s patent pending software, ORMS TeamBuilderTM, represents a breakthrough in design of operating room management software. Leveraging his 25 years of experience in the operating room, he has created an innovative and user-friendly software solution for operating room management that helps empower optimization of operating room resources. It represents a paradigm shift in design and management theory of the operating room.

Its design is centered on building teamwork and leveraging logistics management, pipeline analytics, and LEAN manufacturing theory. No other application integrates all facets of operating room management into a single, cohesive suite of hospital-based enterprise and mobile applications that run seamlessly together in real-time. It is vendor independent and is layered on top of ANY existing operating room scheduling system.

At its center is a touch-panel smart board that acts as the command information center for the entire operating room. ORMS TeamBuilder(TM) integrates texting to phones and pagers, eliminating most of the phone calls and pages made daily by staff. The system can automatically page or text any staff with patient updates, alerts and work assignments.

As Dr. Arkoff explains, "effective management of the operating room requires leadership, teamwork and actionable data. ORMS TeamBuilder(TM) provides actionable data to everyone in the operating room so they can be proactive team members solving problems, instead of always reacting to the situation. It provides the necessary tools for collaboration and enhanced communication amongst the triumvirate of Surgery, Nursing and Anesthesia. Leadership now has the tools to be more effective leaders through ORDesk(TM), the command information center, and ORMSMobile(TM), that allows managers to control and manage the entire operating room from their smart phone.”

ORMS TeamBuilder(TM) is so vast and robust in its feature list that Dr. Arkoff prefers to call it the “Swiss Army Knife of operating room management software.”

ORMS TeamBuilder(TM) optimizes the hospital's overall cost efficiency, professional staff management, JHACO compliance, and the delivery of high-quality care that garners high patient satisfaction ratings and strong reimbursement rates.

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