Orlando, July 14th, AirSign Will Launch First Commercial ‘Eco-Blimps’ In U.S.

AirSign Aerial Advertising is pleased to introduce its new aerial advertising division - Eco Blimps - with the launch of new eco-friendly aircrafts at Orlando Executive airport on July 14th.

Orlando skies will receive one of the United States’ first tastes of “eco-blimp” advertising Tuesday, July 14 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. with the launch of new eco-friendly aircrafts at Orlando Executive airport.

The exhibition is being held by AirSign Aerial Advertising, (www.airsign.com), a company that’s continuing to re-imagine aerial advertising by initiating its Thermal Airship division. "These massive airships offer the latest and greatest in innovative technology," says advertising entrepreneur Patrick Walsh, AirSign’s CEO.

“Until now, clients interested in blimp adverting would have to commit to a long-term campaign with huge cost on both the production and the flights,” he says. “Now, and for the first time commercially in the U.S., AirSign provides an option that has all the great advertising benefits of a typical blimp campaign, but without all the limitations.”

AirSign’s eco-blimps utilize a thermal heat system and maintain altitude similar to that of a hot-air balloon. Utilizing no helium whatsoever, these airships have been endorsed by groups such as Greenpeace for being environmentally friendly. In contrast to eco-blimps, the current blimps that you see in the U.S. are inflated with helium, a resource that for the past decade has experienced a serious shortage.

One of the advantages of eco-blimps is the cost-effectiveness. Clients no longer have to commit to a long-term campaign. If they are interested in just one flight, one event or a multi-market national campaign, AirSign can accommodate a client’s campaign needs.

Another advantage is that no time is wasted. By design, traditional helium blimps need to stay inflated at all times, and they also move very slowly. Clients looking to cover multiple events, targets or cities will spend a great deal of transit time flying over areas outside of their intended markets. On the other hand, eco-blimps are inflated and launched close to each client’s target. After the flight is completed, the blimp is then deflated and packed into a trailer and relocated to the next target.

Plus, times and seasons are much more available. Whether someone is looking to advertise over the Florida beaches or the Winter Olympics, eco-blimps are versatile in most climates. In contrast, helium blimps are restricted to warmer climates.

Last but not least, eco-blimps are environmentally friendly. These blimps use less fuel than a smart car and operate off Thermal Hot air, instead of the traditional helium.

“These blimps offer significant creative advantages,” Walsh says. “Large banners can attach at five different locations throughout the blimp. The banner option is perfect for clients who are looking at a short-term campaign or want the flexibility of periodically changing out the messaging on the blimp. Another creative option is a full wrap of the blimp. With the full-wrap option, the client can completely customize every aspect of the blimps artwork.”

Walsh and his team will have a rooftop restaurant event and are happy to meet with media there as well as the airport.
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