Orlando DUI Lawyers Launches Awareness Campaign Highlighting Multiple DUI Defenses

Orlando DUI Lawyers launches campaign to illustrate the multiple DUI defenses available depending on individual circumstances.

Orlando DUI Law provides stiff penalties for those accused of driving while under the influence. Orlando DUI Lawyer understands the serious consequences and offers a free case evaluation for those charged with this crime, including those accused of underage drinking, multiple offense, and drugs. "DUI attorneys in Orlando work to reduce the consequences one is facing when accused of this crime while also trying to have all charges dropped so the defendant walks away completely," Gus Benson of Orlando DUI Lawyer declares.

A DUI defense lawyer in Orlando assesses the facts of a client's case to determine which defense is most likely to be successful as what works for one client won't work for another. The attorney may question the validity of the field sobriety tests or the blood and breath tests. The skill of the person doing the testing often comes into question also. As Benson points out, a DUI arrest involves many steps, and actions taken by involved parties at each step of the process need to be examined.

The shoes worn during a field sobriety test may influence the results of the test and anxiety often affects the results. Certain substances, such as poppy seeds on a bagel, affect a person's blood and breath test, and a good attorney asks not only what the person was wearing during the arrest, but also how he or she felt and what foods were eaten in the hours before law enforcement made the stop.

"Many falsely assume a DUI arrest automatically leads to a conviction because it is the defendant's word against the arresting officer's word. As humans and machines play a role in the process, the attorney finds there are many aspects of the arrest to challenge and works to determine which angle offers the best chance of a dismissal or reduction of penalties," Benson continues.

Human error remains an issue with any arrest, yet machines fail also. When a breathalyzer hasn't been properly maintained or calibrated, results may be challenged, Radio frequency alters breathalyzer results, while blood tests rely on properly functioning lab equipment.

"Speak to an experienced DUI attorney in Orlando today to determine the appropriate defense based on the particular facts of the case. Penalties tend to be severe for this offense so one should never try to represent themselves against DUI charges. Doing so could lead to anything from costly fines and probation to vehicle impoundment and jail time. The risks are too great so turn to an experienced attorney for assistance today," Benson proclaims.

About Orlando DUI Lawyer:
Orlando DUI Lawyer offers the information one needs when they are facing charges of this type. The attorneys of Orlando DUI Lawyer understand multiple things may be involved in a charge of this type and work to find the best defense for each client. The same is true for those facing drug, underage drinking, or multiple offense charges. Clients should never face these charges alone, which is why the company offers a free case evaluation for anyone needing assistance.

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