Organic Sulfur Crystals Provide Solutions For Sulfur Depleted Soils

Organic Sulfur is a mineral which the body cannot produce or store. The mineral is no longer available from food, water or air.

H2O Air Water Americas and Dr. Ron Neer are pleased to announce that they have a solution for those who cannot store or product organic sulfur. It is no longer possible to get enough sulfur from food, water or air, because of GMO processing and artificial fillers. Much of human food is grown in soil that is depleted of organic sulfur. Also, chlorine-laced water blocked oxygen delivery and contaminated with agrichemicals. Air is depleted of the mineral due to emission controls in diesel and factories.

According to Dr. Ron Neer, speaking in a recent interview, “Our bodies are comprised of four percent sulfur but do not store or make sulfur. We should be getting the sulfur we need from the foods we eat, however, since 1954 the use of chemical fertilizers has apparently broken the sulfur cycle. Organic Sulfur Crystals have a cleansing or "detoxifying" effect on the cells within the body. It allows the body to remove toxins that have accumulated in all types of cells, including fat cells.”

Since 1954, chemical fertilizers were mandated by the US government. Fertilizers containing ammonium nitrates and sulfates were used by farmers, but these fertilizers lack bioavailability and appear to have broken the sulfur cycle in those countries that use these fertilizers. Since 1954 the rate of disease in the US has increased by approximately four thousand percent with a resultant decline in health, wealth, mental acuity and quality of life.

The "Sulfur Study" is expected to demonstrate a connection between the lack of sulfur and the inability of cells to regenerate healthily. Final results are projected to be released very soon, but preliminary results highlight many modern diseases can be attributed to mineral deficiencies. Diseases that never seemed to exist in past generations now grow at an unprecedented rate, and the quality of food has been greatly diminished. OS can assist in enhancing health and reducing illness.

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