Organic Horse Supplements Announces Release of Complete Equine Supplement Based on a Horse’s Life Stage

A baby horse having the same nutritional needs as a senior horse doesn't make sense. Finally it's addressed, Organic Horse Supplements introduces a complete horse supplement line based on a horse's life stage, with only natural ingredients.

Norwich CT- Owning a horse or horses is a great responsibility.  Taking good care of a horse involves selecting the right nutrition in the right amounts and at the right time.  More experts are calling for selecting their supplements based on what stage of life any animal or human is in.  Recently, the online shop Organic Horse Supplements has announced they are stocking the Animal Kingdom Organics line of horse supplements, which have high quality natural and organic supplements based on your horse’s age and other life and activity factors.

“I believe animals have souls. I believe that our horses count on us to take care of them and to love them,”  commented Mary, owner of the company.  “And I believe if you if you love them enough and care for them right… they’ll love you right back.  That’s why I created the Animal Kingdom Organics product line… For people that truly love their horses.”

According to the company, some of the 7 complete, life stage, nutritional choices include:  “Happy Days”, Adult Leisure Horse Supplement; “Casanova”, Breeding Stallion Horse Supplement;  “Grow Up”, Growing Foal Horse Supplement;  “Good Start”, Nursing Mare Horse Supplement. 

All of the Animal Kingdom Organics line share contain no fillers, no chemicals, no artificial colors, no magnesium silicate, and (very importantly) no “animal grade” ingredients, only natural and organic ingredients allowing the company to keep the quality of the supplements as high as possible.

Shoppers have responded with very passionate feedback.

Jane C., recently said in a five star review, “Thank you, Mary, for all your time spent reviewing my feeding program, your willingness to share your expertise and for your product. It gives me the reassurance that I’m doing something good for my new mare and her unborn foals.”

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