Orange County Law Firm Announces New Article on the Best Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Know the right questions to ask a California car accident attorney. Learn about car accident law and manage motor vehicle accidents claims properly.

Before hiring a California car accident attorney, there’s a list of important questions to ask. The best personal injury lawyer will have a good deal of experience in personal injury litigation and a good legal education from a reputable law school. Be sure to ask about their education and experience. It’s also important to ask about their track record in handling car accident lawsuits. How many cases have they taken on? How many cases have they won? Choose an accident injury law firm that can be trusted. Referrals from friends and business associates is a good way to get started when looking for a car accident personal injury attorney. Read more about the new article on Best Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney -

Vehicle accident lawyers use several types of fee structures. Fee types include contingency, retainer and hourly. With a contingency fee structure, fees comes from the settlement amount. A California car accident law firm that uses a retainer fee structure asks for an upfront free to retain its services. An accident injury law firm with an hourly fee structure charges fees based on the time the attorney spends working on the case. Ask about the fee structure that the car accident law offices charge, and choose a personal injury attorney whose fee structure best fits their financial situation.

California fault laws may affect compensation. The state of California has pure comparative negligence laws. That means that the fault a person contributed to the vehicular accident determines how much is entitled in a settlement. Once an injury lawyer investigates the circumstances and evidence surrounding an auto accident, ask him or her if they contributed to the accident and how much it will affect compensation. Be sure to inquire about economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include property damage, lost wages and medical expenses. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, disability, loss of companionship, decreased quality of life and disfigurement. Covering these factors with a Orange County California car accident law firm helps one get a realistic figure of what the case is worth.

The state of California prohibits most drivers who were uninsured at the time of the accident from seeking non-economic damages. However, if the operator of the other vehicle was under the influence and convicted of a DUI, uninsured drivers can seek non-economic damages in car accident lawsuits. It’s important for uninsured drivers to ask motor accident attorneys the circumstances of the other driver involved in the collision.

It is common to receive some type of offer from the defendant in car accident lawsuits. Ask a car accident personal injury attorney whether or not the offer should be accepted. An experienced California car accident law firm will outline the pros and cons of accepting the offer. If it’s a fair offer, a personal injury lawyer will advise to accept the offer. The only recovery under the law will be the monies paid in settlement.

Lastly, ask a personal injury lawyer how long the case will take? This is important if monies are needed to handle medical bills in the meantime. Some car accident law offices lend clients money on the basis of an expected settlement. Otherwise, settling may be the best option if a case is going to take a long time to go to trial.

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