Option Mint Launches New Trading Platform That Offers Fastest Profits For New Users

Option Mint has created a trading platform that allows users to trade using binary options on assets all over the world, offering the chance to start making profits in as little as sixty seconds.

Binary options are a form of futures trading wherein the payoff is a fixed amount of an asset, or nothing at all. Binary options allow traders to simply predict whether a stock will go up or down in a given time frame, and where that upward or downward trend will exceed a given level. If it does, traders receive a payout, if it doesn’t, they lose their investment. Because of the simplicity of binary options trading it offers normal people a chance to work the stock markets like never before, and that’s now easier than ever thanks to Option Mint a market leading trading platform.

Option Mint is a new, revolutionary trading platform that allows users to trade binary options with an outstanding intuitive user interface and streamlined payment options to make it easier than ever for people to start trading in as little as sixty seconds. Individuals can create a balance for their account using any major credit card to begin trading.

From there, they can set the time scale for their predictions themselves to determine the level of payout they receive, which can see them gain profits of up to 90% on the original investment amount. It’s easy to see how this becomes so popular a strategy among first time traders.

A spokesperson for Option Mint explained, “Binary options are entering the public consciousness like few other forms of trading because the way they work is less complex than any other form of stocks and shares trading. It takes minutes to understand the premise and with careful observation it can be undertaken as anything from a hobby to a full time occupation, and those with a skill for spotting patterns and trends can have extremely lucrative experiences, which embolden them to make higher investments for bigger payoffs. We have created a system that gets out of the user’s way and lets them trade easily, quickly and profitably on assets all over the world and we believe it makes us the best binary options broker available online.”

About Option Mint:
Option Mint is a revolutionary new trading platform that utilizes binary options. Users can trade stocks, commodities, currencies and indices 24/7 and earn profits up to 90% in as little as 60 seconds. Assets are available the world over to trade and users can fund their account with a major credit card in minutes.

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