Opendoor Agency is an emerging Gen-Z run agency that lands multi-million-dollar clients

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OpenDoor Agency, founded in 2020 by Jake Bushell, Joel Walker and Adam Mlamali, has a client base spanning the financial, NFT, music, construction, retail, and hospitality industries.

Opendoor Agency embarks on a complete rebrand to grow and establish the brand. Starting wasn't easy for the trio, based in Milton Keynes. They found networking has been the primary source of landing clients on their entrepreneurial endeavour. It was only when Adam Mlamali had invested the Agency as an equal shareholder that he had. The step paved the way for the trio to land their first million-dollar client as they broke the barrier into the finance industry, generating over $50,000 in their first six months of trade with the newfound client.

The Agency is developed by three expert minds who put their heart and soul into this project to facilitate their client with utmost proficiency.

Adam Mlamali, the team's data-driven expert, has strategized data drive solutions to depict the best marketing solutions for his clients. It produces over a 70% conversion rate for new leads of one of their largest clients, a financial brokerage, allowing the firm to generate more revenue and profit, enabling it to reinvest and grow. It had caused the team to take on new work as they had been referred to take on new tasks.

As the team's social media and branding expert, Jake Bushell will look at the company's social presents and identify improvements in their online presents and will use this information to present a solid strategy for the brand.

Joel Walker takes a nosedive into businesses to see underlying opportunities and threats; he looks at the skillsets necessary to solve the problem and looks where best to acquire the knowledge to tackle the problem. Before conducting any work on an engagement, once all the essential skills have been homed in, Opendoor Agency comes together to ensure that they are taking the best approach possible to achieve the client's desired outcome.

Since they have started marketing NFT's, the team has created strong communities for the projects they help, reaching well over 10,000 members, all with interest in the project. Million-dollar clients were never the team's final goal as they grew from helping local businesses in Milton Keynes. Still, since the opportunity came around to expand, the team have not looked back since they have also completed their first round of hiring, interviewing over 30 candidates taking on four, and this is only the beginning.

Moreover, the Open-Door Agency offers exclusive marketing services such as 1. Social Media Integration will help their clients grow in their social network. 2. Reporting: They offer in-depth reporting & analytics to help people continuously optimize their website, gather invaluable insights, and ensure a great ROI. 3. Consistent content: Gaining traction on social media requires constant, regular activity. They make sure clients are always active, all the time, with original, hand-crafted content and media. 4. Monthly Strategy Sessions: They will meet with their users every month to review their progress, plan your next month's content, and refine the strategy for the weeks ahead.

About OpenDoor: It is a Digital Marketing Agency that offer a range of services to start-up businesses, individuals, artists, and businesses who are already established and looking to expand. However, Digital marketing is just a tiny section of what they offer, although specialized. Through experience, their team provides multiple services helping businesses define their brand, improve market presence and, most importantly, generate leads, thus leading to sales.

Potential clients must visit the website for more information and Instagram to connect with the community.

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