Open Letter to Leonardo DiCaprio is Poised to Go Viral

Filmmaker Dale Wheatley aims to set the record straight about their blocked indie flick, Don’s Plum.

Dale Wheatley, writer/producer of the infamous 90’s indie film Don’s Plum, has published an Open Letter to his former friend, Leonardo DiCaprio, who he claims publicly slandered the filmmakers in an effort to destroy the film and their careers. In the letter, Wheatley alleges that DiCaprio was lured by best-pal Tobey Maguire into a “witch hunt" that destroyed art and lost millions of dollars for the cast and the crew. Wheatley examines the facts surrounding their conflict by using DiCaprio’s remarks made in the press, and Maguire’s sworn testimony from his deposition in Stutman v. DiCaprio. The complete open letter is available at

The tell-all letter describes an exclusive group of friends with a cruel hierarchy, of which Leo was the undisputed leader. Maguire’s own words reveal him as the catalyst behind the the infamous quarrel between the friends, and call in to question his motives for wanting the film to "burn."

“This problem, and this letter, exists because of Tobey. He played you [DiCaprio] like a pawn. He pitted you against your own friends, and then hid behind you while you trampled all over a perfectly good independent film.”

Wheatley says the letter is about more than just a movie. It’s about bullying, censorship, and abuse of power. Wheatley’s goals are to repair his reputation, set the record straight about the production of Don’s Plum, and gain support for his long awaited return to filmmaking. Wheatley, along with producer Angela Carvalho, are using the popular crowdfunding website to fund Wheatley’s next feature film and directorial debut, titled Never Say Goodbye.

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