OpalsTron.io Launched Defi Token which offers daily dividend in TRX until you get back 200% of your investment…

Opals Tron is not a Ponzi scheme. Dividends are paid from the profit generated from the exchange (JustSwap). The raised TRX goes into JustSwap, and the investors get returns based on the commissions from transactions and trades.

Opals Tron is proud to announce its new platform offering Defi tokens as an investment opportunity for everyone. Users buy the platform token OPALS for TRX, and they get a daily dividend of up to 0.90% until they get back 200% of their initial investment.

While the Defi token presale has already ended, users can still buy OPALS after the pre-sale, for the price of 10 TRX = 1 OPL. To do this, all they need is to visit https://www.opalstron.io/, Enter the amount of TRX they want to invest, and click on "Buy OPALS" to confirm the transaction.

At OpalsTron, one can get back 200% of their investment. Unlike other smart contracts that promise high yield but never deliver on their promise, OpalsTron provides a realistic return to your investment. The money is generated to pay the investors, making it a more practical and honest Defi yield farm.

The majority of the smart contracts are Ponzi schemes in disguise, distributed on a pyramid structure. There is no generation of money, so those at the bottom of the pyramid will lose. OpalsTron stands out as a unique sustainable model.

What makes Opals Defi token different is its unique approach where members invest in TRX and buy Opals tokens to earn daily dividends. It has a max supply of 32 000 000 OPL, and if the max amount isn't reached, the leftover will be minted and burned. Such an event could push the price above the current value of 10 TRX = 1 OPL and improve investors' and token holders' income.

Members can earn a commission of 20% split to 7 levels on every referral, thereby increasing their revenue. OPALS token will be officially listed on JustSwap on October 3, 2020 at 1 OPL = 12 to 15 TRX.

Opals Tron offers a clean, smart contract that is verified on the Tron Blockchain. It's a proper Defi without any backdoors, and investments and rewards are instant and efficient.

For more information, please visit https://www.opalstron.io.

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