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The Only Graded card grading service provider and marketplace is launching a new cryptocurrency-based payment option to offer a safe, faster, and more convenient way to pay for services and access to member-exclusive offers on certain marketplaces.

The Only Graded Coin, set to be released on March 2022, is the latest project from Only Graded Services and Marketplace. Designed to be an advanced payment solution provider that will harness the power of the blockchain technology to allow users to enjoy safe, secure, efficient and instant payment transactions on selected services and enjoy additional incentives.

The Only Graded coin will be able to be used on the Only Graded marketplace (buying, selling, and auctioning graded cards), Find a Gaff (the easy way to find your next gaff), Alexanders Time (digital marketing platform for luxury watches), Jango Card (platform for automobile buyers and sellers), 155 Knightsbridge (buying and selling of luxury consignment), for the Only Graded Services, and anywhere in the Only Graded blockchain ecosystem.

The Only Graded Coin is set to support simple crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat settlements while offering access to a decentralized ecommerce marketplace and a tokenized loyalty program. It is designed to function as the primary medium of payment in the Only Graded ecosystem and to play a critical role in Only Graded’s Membership Program that offers access to exciting offers.

The OGUC token is built using the ERC-20 protocol and it is audited by certik security audits. The token can be used for B2B, B2C, C2C fund transfers, trading or transactions on the NFT marketplace. Users will be able to get access to the OGUC token, store the Only Graded coin and token in the OGUC wallet, and enjoy very low fees on every transaction.

The Only Graded Coin will offer end-to-end encryption for all transactions and protect the privacy and anonymity of the users. Owners of the coin will enjoy hassle-free and productive offers and will be able to store and transfer funds securely while tracking income and expenditures effectively.

Users eager for an early investment opportunity are able to reserve OG coins with some added benefits through buying one of the NFTs in the Only Graded NFTs collection. Experts believe the Only Graded coin will become a promising investment opportunity for early adopters.

The project is backed by a professional team with a diverse background of established positions in different sectors and leading service providers in the Only Graded ecosystem. By offering easier payment options, privacy, faster and cheaper transactions, privacy, an advanced digital wallet, and access to an exclusive membership program, the Only Graded Coin is set to replace complexity with simplicity.

For more info on the Only Graded Coin, the token allocation and timeline, the aforementioned platforms and access to the detailed whitepaper and roadmap you can visit

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