Online Wellness Program Leads Individuals to Healthier Lifestyles

Gina Van Luven has created the opportunity for people all over the country to incorporate healthier options into their everyday life, allowing them to live a happy and fulfilling life.

It is no secret America's modern day health care system is ineffective. The World Health Organization ranks America’s health care system at only thirty-seventh in the entire world. The New England Journal of Medicine points out that most of the diseases associated with non-communicable deaths in America are preventable, yet little is being done in the area of prevention. In fact, there are many opportunities to improve the health care system performance, as well as the health and well-being of each individual.

Gina Van Luven, founder of Healthy Habits Wellness Center, LLC, has made it her mission to help create healthy, happy human beings. "Not enough is being done to prevent disease. You don’t prevent disease by taking a bunch of tests. Tests show you where you are, but they don’t prevent you from deteriorating. You prevent disease by changing what you consume, what you’re exposed to, the activity you engage in, and how you respond to stress." To help combat disease and, more importantly, prevent it, Van Luven designed an online, self-paced wellness program delivered via the Healthy Habits Academy.

The program is intended to walk participants step-by-step through the process of incorporating healthier options into their diet and lifestyle, understanding that relationships, careers, physical activity, and self-esteem all play a role in the overall health of every person. Techniques such as replacement and crowding out are used instead of deprivation to help adopt healthier food choices. Discovering what is best for each unique individual, versus applying the "cookie-cutter" approach often used elsewhere, Healthy Habits Academy aims to help participants achieve long term results, and provides education and individualized solutions.

Along with being an author, Van Luven is also a motivational speaker and Certified Health Coach. "Having spent much of my life sick and on many medications, I know how it feels to be put through the system with no hope of ever being healthy again. But, I beat the system by getting back to the basic fundamental principles of well-being, and was able to recreate my health. I haven’t taken medication in over a decade and enjoy a full, vibrant life!"

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