Online Streaming Startup ViralFilmNetwork is Twitch for Filmmakers

ViralFilmNetwork, an innovative independent global film production and distribution platform looks to champion independent film.

Film news has developed a lot over the past few years. From magazine to online text and images, from text and images to video. ViralFilmNetwork is now feeding the hunger for film news by not only bringing live streaming into the mix, but also adding real-time user engagement that can shape film productions.

More than just a film streaming website, ViralFilmNetwork allows its members to participate in productions from script-to screen. With an impressive initial slate that boasts a new horror franchise, a leap into virtual reality and a television pilot.

Independent filmmakers aren’t left out in the cold. They’re actively invited to showcase their work on the site, receiving feedback and are also able to profit in a film centric environment that champions creativity. A compliment to crowdfunding, an active distribution platform and a safe haven for independent filmmakers and film lovers to meet for the love of film.

The site has been officially live for less than a week and already a whole host of people from various walks of life have had the chance to experience what it’s like to be a film producer. Forget closed doors. They’ve been well and truly blown off their hinges.

The multi-award winning indie thriller ‘Landmine Goes Click’ from Sarke Studios is currently receiving the ViralFilmNetwork experience. Subscribers to the site can watch the movie in HD, access exclusive behind-scenes-footage and even ask the filmmakers questions. With a suite of other quality independent projects already queuing up to follow Landmine’s lead, here’s what Simon Vause, CEO of ViralFilmNetwork, had to say:

“Films are all about collaboration. We take this basic need for a film production and expand it to a global scale. Stuck with a production problem at 3am? No problem, there’s always someone awake who can leap in with ideas or ready to vote a decision into place. Like having the worlds’ largest production team in your corner.”

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About ViralFilmNetwork:

ViralFilmNetwork is a new social media platform for film which allows members to participate in every aspect of a film's creation - from script to screen, in addition to unearthing exciting new independent films. New users can enjoy a 30 day free trial. Monthly membership starts at £3.99 per month. Payment is available in UK Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.


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