Onix becomes the Future of Gaming with Blockchain Technology by providing exclusive features

Onix Blockchain is developed for independent game developers. Devs can now integrate their creation with the Onix network, allowing them to mint NFTs, which will be used and owned by the players of their games.

Onix Blockchain is the emerging crypto platform making its waves in the gaming industry. The industry has grown tremendously in the past few years, leading to a value of over $150 billion worldwide. Exponential growth continues as blockchain technology is now merging with the gaming scene. Here is where Onix stands out. As blockchain pushes gamers into an expanding digital reality, with the help of Onix exclusive features, they will be able to interact with their favorite games in a completely different form.

In traditional gaming, whenever a user spends money to buy an item, the server gives that player the right to "access" those items while playing. Yet, these items were never really "owned" by the player. The items are locked on a centralized server authority. In other words, the gamer would never be able to transfer or sell their items to someone else if they wished to do so without express authorization from the game company. However, through the Onix crypto platform which brings smart contracts to users, players will finally be able to truly own their in-game

items using NFTs (non fungible tokens). It enables the possibility of selling or transferring ownership of items to any person within the network.

Moreover, the benefits of integrating games on the Onix Network affects game developers and players tremendously. Not only can developers mint affordable NFTs through the utilization of smart contracts, but they would also be able to design their tokenomics that will power their game. This should attract more players and increase the popularity of their games. With these essential points in place, developers would finally utilize "Play-to-Earn" features, only possible through integrating a decentralized blockchain.

For the expansion of the ecosystem to bring more GameFi projects into the network, the Onix blockchain has designed an interesting Tokenomics, which allows game developers to earn Onix as incentives upon successfully integrating their games on the web. As an up-and-coming project in the crypto space, developers and believers express their interest and support through Telegram, chosen to be the main channel where the community gets together to share thoughts and ideas.

Additionally, as the project evolves and gets to the next development phase, more people become aware of Onix's potential for the future. It allows the project to become the only blockchain focused on supporting independent developers with tools for affordable NFT gaming. As part of the expansion, the core team behind the project is running a community giveaway, where participants can earn up to 1100 ONIX.

Furthermore, the first game has already applied to be built on the Onix blockchain and is currently under development. Named as Army of Crypto, the project promises to bring excitement through a strategic structure played with NFTs as a collectable card game (CCG). The cards will represent some of the figures that have significantly impacted the crypto industry, who have contributed to the expansion and awareness of the technology. Further information can be obtained through the website linked in this article. With the puzzle pieces coming together, the team expects to release the first game by Q3 of 2022, serving as a model for developers to integrate their projects into the Onix NFT ecosystem.

Potential users must check the following link: https://onixcoin.io/developers to find further information about developing and integrating games into the Onix Blockchain.

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