ONEMOON Becomes the First Deflationary, Passive Yield Generation Token on the Harmony ONE Network

This decision now allows investors to partake in DeFi yields by simply holding a ONEMOON token.

OneMoon has launched services as the latest crypto platform. As a deflationary "static/reflective rewards" DAO community, the company is inspired by passive reward mechanics. The OneMoon DAO is a well-known resource that is growing from distributions during the burning process along with a rising number of members on its Telegram group.

ONEMOON pioneers as the first deflationary, passive yield generation token on the Harmony ONE network. While in its initial days, the company laid its focus on creating a frictionless static yield generation asset that offers stakeholders a novel type of passive rewards which does not need the asset to be staked, or used for liquidity. This decision now allows investors to partake in DeFi yields by simply holding a ONEMOON token.

“ONEMOON is an experimental DeFi asset that uses a novel mix of deflation and passive rewards in an attempt to ease this adoption curve. Along with this primary goal, ONEMOON incorporates many other battle-tested traits of popular defi assets, not the least of which is the programmatic creation of Locked Liquidity”, says a spokesperson for ONEMOON.

By employing an aggressive and consistent supply burn, the company has managed to create the effect of a "rising price floor" as the volume of ONE/ONEMOON locked liquidity increases. Therefore, by simply holding ONEMOON, users can gain exposure to the high-growth DeFi sector minus all the blockages that usually come across with numerous other permissionless DeFi offerings.

Through a mechanism called "reflection", the company can distribute rewards in real-time while charging zero fees. Rebasing makes this process more efficient so that every transaction and computing gets balanced in real-time. It is through this unique functionality that ONEMOON is capable of having frictionless utility to generate passive yields for its stakeholders.

“ONEMOON incorporates a powerful DUAL burn system which also connects it to its parent ecosystem Mochiswap and the governance token therein $hMOCHI. This is a unique multi-coin system that benefits the greater ecosystem which in turn benefits ONEMOON both economically and fundamentally as it is part of a larger system”, says a spokesperson for ONEMOON.

ONEMOON, as a company, exists to provide borderless, permissionless, decentralized, and accessible digital assets with unmatched resiliency and a growing price floor reinforced by a steadily increasing pool of locked liquidity. These traits and goals make ONEMOON an epitome of "user-friendly" DeFi.
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