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Based upon the cutting-edge technology platforms and supported by a group of experienced scientific staff, Creative Biolabs is confident with handling CRO projects regarding the single domain antibody (sdAb) development.

Single domain antibody, the smallest antigen binding unit of antibody molecule, consists of only one variable heavy chain. Due to its high affinity, specificity and stability, small molecular weight and the property of multiple reforming opportunities, sdAbs have become promising candidates in biomedical applications, and some relevant antibody drugs have been approved by FDA in clinical development. Creative Biolabs is providing relevant services on a worldwide scale targeting this crucial approach, which are served in package or sectionally.

Typical processing workflow of classical sdAb development composes four phases which starts from target identification, and after obtaining the sequence information, the scientific team will start the design and discovery processes. To note, the sdAbs are generated from various host animals like llama, alpaca, camel, and shark through a variety of immunization methods such as DNA immunization and whole cell immunization, which are featured customized provisions of Creative Biolabs to assist customers with designing the most suitable antigens for specific project requirements, and can trigger the optimal immune responses.

Getting a library of the sdAbs, they will then undergo screening, when various assays like binding, immunomodulation neutralizing assay, etc. join to select candidates with designated functions. Affinity measurement and stability evaluation are crucial steps to test quality, with technologies and analytical methods involved.

In the multivalent sdAb development stage, specific properties like half-life and avidity can get modified, when the humanization and affinity maturation operations can join to meet different orders, including CDR/SDR grafting, phage display, and yeast surface display. If conjugation is asked, the scientists are glad to assist with forming the desired stable covalent link between biotinylations, enzymes, polystyrene beads and so on.

Last but not the least, all the stability-improved sdAb products will get processed for bulk production via E.coli or mammalian systems to ensure quality and stability before delivery.

The inner meaning of providing “one-stop” contract outsourcing services lies in relieving the inconvenience brought by customer’s laboratory limitations and economic burden, and at the same time guaranteeing the resulting quality, which is also conducive in the medical field of speedy advancement.

“We have dozens of successful cases,” said the head of Creative Biolabs, a dedicated scientist in the field of antibody design & engineering. It is convincing that the success of Creative Biolabs is by no means coincidental after checking all the case studies at

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Creative Biolabs was firstly set up in 2004 by a group of scientists who have Ph.D. degree in relevant areas. After years of successful operation, Creative Biolabs has obtained plenty of experience and received affirmation from international partners, especially the medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

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