One Professional Teeth Whitening System Just Solved The Most Challenging Problem In Dentistry With New Practice Success Series

Smile Perfected, creator of the 20 Minute Whitening System for dental professionals, is continuing to shake things up for smart dental offices who want to grow - by releasing information clearly pointing the way for private practice revenue growth in 2017 in a new statement.

Earlier this week, Smile Perfected the #1 20-Minute whitening system preferred by DSO's and small dental offices, announced the start of a new information campaign. Dentists take note, it will be worth paying attention to, as it's set to shake things up in dentistry by revealing the powerful data-driven secrets behind why some oral health practices are able to increase their hygiene revenue like gang busters - and why others fail.

No stranger to how to make the transition toward owning multiple successful dental offices, Dr. William L. Balanoff, DDS, MS, FICD - created Smile Perfected's powerful products with the needs of a dental office in mind.

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When looking to grow private practice hygiene revenues via tooth whitening, Dentist's have had a number of options in the past, from Philips Zoom, laser teeth whitening with Biolase, gel syringes like Opalescence, and various other gadgets, treatments, hydrogen peroxides, bleaches, lights, stain cleaning & whitening procedures.

When Smile Perfected launched their 20 Minute Teeth Whitening System, they understood that doctors, dental assistants and hygienists don't want to hurt their patients. So painful laser treatments with disruptive prep time required to protect the soft tissue of the gums from painful burns is not truly a viable option for a busy practice. Ultimately the office team stops recommending the product to patients because of the zingers, sensitivity and quite frankly - agony - they can sometimes cause.

Additionally, teeth bleaching and whitening agents which take too long for results throw dental office scheduling into chaos, and taking up valuable chair time for so long results in LESS revenue production. Raising the price to patients to compensate makes the professional whitening treatment too costly for most patients to enthusiastically accept.

"Our professional whitening product for dentists was created with the real-world needs of a successful dental practice in mind," stated Dr. Balanoff, adding "We designed it to plug-in effortlessly into a small dental office routine in a way that makes everyone happy - and the response has been tremendous."

A number of challenges face dentists setting out to manage and run the perfect dental practice. Managing the patient experience, how to increase top line revenues, growing EBITDA numbers, maximizing per patient revenue production, and freeing oneself from being tied to the chair - among other issues, can keep dentists awake at night.

The good news according to Dr. Balanoff, "Some of us have already worked through these problems, and found or created the solutions. I help fellow doctors who reach out all the time, sharing the exact blueprint and the hacks I discovered which over 20+ years figuring it all out."

The company counts hundreds of dental offices across the country and some of the largest DSO's among it's enthusiastic partners who offer the popular product. "The average dental office should be doing at least one teeth whitening treatment per hygienist per day - this is directly from our customer data. If a dental office partner is struggling to meet that - I can help you get there," added Dr. Balanoff.

The company launched with the creation of the Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System. A professional teeth whitening solution for dental offices with no prep time, no sensitivity, offering a powerful means for dentists to increase hygiene revenue without the pain, high cost, sensitivity or integration headaches caused by other professional teeth whitening product alternatives. To see the ADA's recommendations here.

Patients are looking for a fast and economical way to clean stains and get a whiter and brighter smile, a professional option is just good sense for a dental office to provide, according to the company. Hygienists can enthusiastically recommend a 20 minute whitening add-on to their prophy cleaning - confident their patients will love both the experience and the results, while the doctor doesn't occupy his/her valuable time.

Dr. Balanoff will be sharing his success hacks for dental practice management via livestream. The series is a culmination of over 20+ years of experience Dr. Balanoff has had running multiple small group dental offices successfully in private practice.

"If I can help dentists avoid the same mistakes, help doctors and practice owners free themselves from the chair and blow their practice goals out of the water - you bet I'm going to do it!" added Dr. Balanoff.

About Smile Perfected:
Smile Perfected was established in 2014 by Dr. William Balanoff. Dental products include the Smile Perfected 20 Minute Whitening System™, designed to fit seamlessly into an offices current patient process after a prophy. Imagine a patient getting a quick, noticeably whiter smile with a non-invasive dental service… no drilling, no shots… just whiter teeth in 20 minutes.

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