One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Delivers Important Message at Career Fair

Students at recent Charlotte career fair learned of skyrocketing need for trained HVAC technicians and accessible ways to become trained for career, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning reports

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning reported on the company's Nov. 27, 2015, participation in a career fair held at the Olympic High Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina. While there, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning experts spoke to over 100 students about the great and growing need for trained, qualified HVAC technicians. With many of those present not even realizing that attending trade school was an option, the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning presentations proved to be productive and enlightening, particularly given the challenges many students will face as they prepare to graduate from high school.

"We're happy to report that we spent an incredibly rewarding day at Olympic High Schools career fair not long ago," One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning General Manager Paul Stefano said, "We enjoyed meeting all the positive, ambitious students there, and we think we really opened many eyes to some incredibly opportunities that lie before them. With unprecedented demand for skilled HVAC technicians and plenty of room for advancement, a standard four-year college degree is far from the only option. We hope that the bright students we met at the career fair will benefit from the advice and information we provided."

Over the last quarter of a century, enrollment in four-year undergraduate institutions in the United States has increased by nearly fifty percent, with costs of attendance likewise skyrocketing. Many have come to think of a four-year degree as a basic requirement for access to career opportunities that can lead to the middle-class lifestyle so many Americans aim for. At the same time, many students today graduate burdened with debts that will take them decades to pay off even as they find limited job prospects before them.

At the recent career fair at Charlotte's Olympic High School, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning helped students see the worth and availability of another important option. With heating and cooling companies around the country struggling to find the trained employees they need and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a further 14% growth in demand over the next decade, becoming an HVAC technician can be an accessible, rewarding way of launching into a stable career filled with potential.

Instead of needing to cough up tens of thousands of dollars for four-year degrees that may never pay off, those training to become HVAC technicians spend far less time in the classroom and more time practicing their trade. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning itself, in fact, offers a 16-week program that puts students on the path to becoming HVAC technicians. In order to ensure that the most qualified and dedicated prospects enroll, regardless of their ability to pay, the company does not even charge tuition, providing an incredibly accessible alternative to the options that many students today feel forced into.

With many of today's onehourac managers having started as technicians themselves, choosing this path can also be a great way of securing real opportunities for further growth and advancement. Having informed students at the career fair of the attractiveness and practicality of this career option, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning invites anyone interested to get in touch using the contact details listed at More information about One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning's services can be found at

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