One Call Bail Bonds Forsyth Launches Campaign To Increase Awareness Of Services

Defendants with few options may be overlooking an alternative to remaining in jail, publishes

On last report, Forsyth County officials place annual jail admittance at an estimated 13,000 with a daily average of 696 inmates populating the Forsyth County jail. Despite next-day first-appearance hearing options being put into play some time ago in an effort to keep occupancy low, typical stays have grown longer due to fewer people being able to post bail. With this in mind, a spokesperson for One Call Bail Bonds In Forsyth County has launched a campaign to increase awareness of the company's services among area residents.

Said the spokesperson, "Very few people have lump sums of extra money lying around just in case they or a loved one needs bail. In many cases, those in need don't have friends and relatives who are able to post property bonds on their behalves; those who can are often unwilling to take the potential risk. We're here to help residents of Hall and Forsyth Counties when situations like these arise, and we want more people to be aware of our services and how the process works."

Nationwide surveys show decreased use of property bonds in states allowing this alternative. Reports are also indicating a slowdown in the number of people being released on their own recognizance as repeat offender rates rise in the country's court system. Aside from turning to a bail bondsman, these figures leave a growing number of individuals with few options other than remaining in jail.

Public defenders work on behalf of low-income defendants to have bond amounts reduced; however, many remain unable to meet such demands even after their financial statuses have been taken into consideration. Bail bondsmen offer defendants opportunities to spend less time in jail in exchange for a percentage of the full bail amount. Further details are available at

Concluded the spokesperson, "We have an extensive working relationship with the local court system, so we can help speed our clients' release. The typical stint in jail in our area is about 20 days without the benefit of bail or being released on a recognizance bond. This may not seem like a long time to those on the outside, but it's an eternity for those who have jobs and families to take care of. We want everyone to understand we're here to provide an alternative by offering the Bail Bonds Cumming GA residents need when they can't cover the full amount on their own."

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