Omnis Network Launch New Services Including Dedicated Servers and Colocation

Omnis Network has launched new hosting services: virtual private servers, dedicated servers and colocation hosting; supported by a full hardware upgrade and website redesign.

The future of business computing is in the cloud. Cloud computing allows a large number of users to be connected to each other, or to a central database, through a real-time communication network. Companies are increasingly relying on powerful central storage and processing servers to handle the hard work while their employees simply have to ‘port in’ to the network with their computers, tablets, and even smart-phones. One hosting provider who is helping to facilitate this move into the cloud is Omnis Network, who has just announced several additional hosting services available to customers: virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and colocation hosting.

One of the primary components of cloud computing is virtualization, which is the method of storing data and programs typically maintained in a physical storage drive within each users device, and instead makes them available in a virtual environment to allow wider access and greater processing speed. Omnis Network’s VPS hosting is an affordable entry into this service, allowing a flexible and scalable resource for data and program storage. Each customers virtual portion of a server works independently of anyone one else sharing that same server.

For greater security, a customer can choose to have their own dedicated server, whereby their content is the sole occupant of that server. Omnis Network offers multiple dedicated servers that can be set up on the same day as they are ordered, and also offers custom servers that can be built to the exact specification required by the customer.

Omnis Network’s Phoenix Colocation hosting is their newest data center located in Tempe Arizona. This service allows customers to store their servers in an off-site location without having to worry about maintaining their machines. The data center supplies the space, network bandwidth, electrical power, and also maintains the equipment against fire, overheating, and other security risks.

A spokesperson for Omnis Network explained, “We are responding to the evolution of the services user’s needs by integrating this new range of hosting solutions. The success we have had with our enterprise class web services in hosting and domain registration has allowed us to reinvest into a full spectrum web services and support for clients of all scales, allowing the individual to compete with the multinational corporation in their flexibility, data integration, and access. This new range of services takes our business beyond our competitors in terms of performance while maintaining our reputation for affordability, flexibility, and quality of service.”

About Omnis Network:
Omnis Network, LLC was formed in 1999, and are based out of Torrance, California.

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