Olde Town Law LLC to Offer Arvada Mediation Services

Attorney helps clients save in legal fees by avoiding hefty litigation costs through mediation.

Susan Eisman, an attorney at Olde Town Law LLC, in Arvada, Colorado now provides mediation services for the state.

As a mediator, Eisman helps resolve cases without going to trial. This service is beneficial for disputing parties to keep families out of court and working together to find the best solution. This may include divorce, child custody, financial arrangements, as well as other emotionally charged situations.

Mediation is an alternative to finalizing a no court divorce. As an experienced mediator Eisman meets with both parties together or separately throughout the entire divorce or separation process.

Eisman does not represent either party. She provides both sides with a background of the law so each side can reach an agreement in a divorce case. If there is difficulty reaching an agreement, she will work with both parties to try to resolve the disagreements.

As long as a crime is not discussed, mediation meetings are deemed confidential and will not be admissible in court. This frees parties to consider all their options without fear of being in the public eye. A mediator is an impartial resource who can give feedback based on experience of the law without bias.

Eisman can help clients significantly save in legal fees by avoiding hefty litigation costs. Staying out of court can be beneficial in some cases because you can still have power to influence the outcome of a settlement. In court, you are at the mercy of the judge. This can be very important in family law cases.

In many divorce cases, a judge orders partners to attend mediation for one day with the intentions to craft a settlement document. It is a mediator’s duty to help both sides come to an understanding about their positions relative to the law. If a settlement is reached, it is put into writing and signed. The agreement is then irrevocable.

About Susan Eisman and Arvada Mediation Services

Susan Eisman is a licensed attorney in Colorado and Missouri. She earned her Juris Doctorate at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law and has completed advanced training in conflict resolutions, mediation and negotiation. After 13 years as a practicing attorney, representing clients in a diverse range of cases, some principals remain constant: Eisman is known as a peacemaker which is why most cases settle out of court, whittled down to a dollar amount. For more information about Arvada Mediation Services, call (720) 468-3689.


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