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Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd is a manufacturer of FFP2 mask.

These days the pandemic “Covid-19” has become a concern for everyone. This is spreading in every corner of the world. The only way to keep you protected from COVID-19 is taking some preventive measures and one and most important preventive measure is wearing a mask. Masks are recommended to everyone whether he is sick or healthy it is essential to wear a face mask in places where it is hard to stay 6 feet away from others. That is because studies show that people can spread coronavirus even if they don’t have symptoms or before they have symptoms. In fact, you might be the most transmittable just before symptoms begin, everyone may have a question what type of face mask is suitable and helpful during the Covid-19, well, basically N95, KN95 or FFP2 face mask maybe better option, wearing this type standard of mask can filter 95% of dust and particles.

Olayer’s FFP2 face mask protecting against liquid and solid aerosols. It can be used for sanding and also plastering. Bringing forward a high level of protection as compared to the former FFP1 face mask, the masks protects against materials in two distinctive concentrations, including 12x limit and 10x limit. The dust mask is enabled to safeguard individuals against coughs, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and also while experiencing difficulty during breathing. Adapt to intercept and also block several non-oil particles; the mask can filter dust invisible to naked eyes. Furthermore, the masks offer protection against fibres, solid dust particles, microorganisms, mists and aerosols, and much more.

There is good news for the people who want to buy quality masks at affordable prices that Dongguan Olayer Technology Co. Limited & Shenzhen Olayer Technology Co. Limited are offering FFP2 or FFP3 mask that 100% meet the EN 149 2001 +A:2009 standard. The company offers KN95 face mask as well which is passed GB 2626-2006, The company promises to provide the masks at a genuine price and delivery will be on time. These masks are also fitted expressly for the wearer because it comes with a tight seal against the face to provide high-quality protection. Not only this, but all the masks are also European PPE mask CE certification passed (EN149 standard).

Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd is a FFP2 mask China company which inverted by Steve Yang, Thomas Zhao, and Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse who is Germany, in order to know more detail and their mask quality you can visit our official website https://www.n95-ffp2.com/ Moreover if you have any inquiry regarding anything do not hesitate to mail us at sales@olayer.com or kruse@olayer.eu also, you can make us a call at 86 0769 3388 9978; +86 135 3080 1277(china) or +49 (0) 2334 92722 90 (German)

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