Olansi Upgrades Negative Ion Air Purifier And UV Air Purifier With Humidifier

Updated models feature CE-certified activated carbon filters and more

Olansi, one of China’s top professional manufacturers of air purifiers, announced today that it is upgrading its popular negative ion air purifier models and air purifier with humidifier. As the maker of the renowned Olansi Air Purifier line, the company is continually introducing new features that improve customer satisfaction and air quality. Negative ion air purifiers now come with remote controls and CE-certified activated carbon filters.

“Negative ions are, despite their name, quite positive for your health,” said a spokesperson for Olansi. “You can usually tell when you’re not getting of them in the air you breath. Your body responds well to negative ions. That’s one of the reasons people tend to like going to the beach. The moist ocean air is full of negative ions. We can recreate this experience in the home or office.”

A negative ion air purifier creates negative oxygen atoms, which are also known as ions. The ions are invisible and odorless, but people can usually tell if they are present in the air. According to industry research, negative ions make people feel healthy and refreshed. Indoors, however, the levels of negatives are usually low.

The filter’s CE marking indicates a certification of conformity with regulations for safety, health and environmental protection standards in the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is also on products sold outside the EEA, such as with Olansi air purifiers. Olansi manufacturers according to EEA standards

About Olansi
Olansi is a professional air purifier OEM manufacturer. Its product line spans China Air Purifiers, Room Air Purifiers, Small Air Purifiers, Home Air Purifiers and HEPA Air Purifiers. The company also makes negative Ion Air Purifiers, Ionizer Air Purifiers, and PM2.5 Air Purifiers and more.

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