Olansi Introduces Car Air Purifier and China Air Purifier

Protects users from harmful indoor pollutants and allergens

Olansi Air Purifier announced today that it is introducing a new Car Air Purifier and China Air Purifier to its product line. The two new air purifiers offer protections against inhaling harmful indoor pollutants and allergens. The company is working to solve a serious public health problem: the prevalence of high levels of dangerous chemicals in indoor and automotive environments.

“We spend most of our time indoors or in our cars,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Unfortunately, in the modern world this means breathing in benzene, radon gas and PM2.5 particles, as well as dust and all sorts of materials that are irritating to the lungs and bad for your health. This is the problem we solve. We remove the vast majority of these toxins from the air in your home, office or car.”

The company’s new China Air Purifier uses ultraviolet (UV) light to purify the air. It works like a robot, essentially autonomous in its ability to quantify and manipulate, then eliminate dirt particles in a room. The device was designed for use in China, which struggles with air pollution. However, it is applicable to use cases worldwide. As a UV air purifier, the China Air Purifier also kills mold. It is effective against allergens, bacteria and odors.

Olansi’s Car Air Purifier uses a HEPA air purifier system. It passes air from the inside of a car through small physical filters that collect dust, allergens and pet dander—along with most other airborne contaminants. After circulating through the system, the Car Air Purifier then pushes clean air out into the car. “Your car is one of the most polluted places, due to all the petrochemical materials and glues that are used in automotive manufacturing,” the spokesperson added. “That famous ‘new car smell’ is actually pretty bad for you. We can help you get rid of it.”

The company is also offering a Car Ionic Car Purifer, which releases electrically charged ions that attach to particles within a car. This process makes the particles too heavy to continue floating in the air. Once they drop to the floor, they can be vacuumed up.

About Olansi
Olansi is a professional air purifier OEM manufacturer. Its product line spans China Air Purifiers, Room Air Purifiers, Small Air Purifiers, Home Air Purifiers and HEPA Air Purifiers. The company also makes negative Ion Air Purifiers, Ionizer Air Purifiers, and PM2.5 Air Purifiers and more.

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