OJESH hyaluronic acid had conquered consumers,Mr. Wang Jiayi,founder of OJESH brand,was interviewed recently

OJESH group released its latest global sales data. The hyaluronic acid serum of OJESH has sold more than 500 million yuan.

Recently, OJESH brand founder Mr.Wang Jiayi was interviewed. In the interview, he told us how OJESH hyaluronic acid had conquered consumers all over the world with German patented technology. And he also shared the research and development of OJESH hyaluronic acid products, product features and advantages, global market layout, sales and purchase channels in detail.

In October 2019, OJESH group released its latest global sales data. OJESH hyaluronic acid global sales has exceeded 500 million yuan, the products mainly supply Europe, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the united Arab emirates, Canada, southeast Asia and other countries.

The interview content of the reporter's phone call to Mr. Wang Jiayi, the founder of OJESH brand mainly included the following four parts:

1.Decided to start the development of OJESH hyaluronic acid
In 2010, Mr. Wang Jiayi realized the importance of hyaluronic acid in skin care in the future. So they spent a huge sum of money to build a team led by Dr OttmarNeugebau Germany yassen expert team. Dr. OttmarNeugebauer is in nuremberg, Germany - the Irish university. Dr Pharmacy who have served in large pharmaceutical companies for drug research and development work, many times for Dm and Rossmann of Germany's largest chemical group to provide professional services, formulation and product research and development in the field of cosmetics industry more than 30 years. Under the leadership of Dr.OttmarNeugebaue, it took about six years to develop OJESH's hyaluronic acid tensioner extract, which was awarded a German patent. 

2.Characteristics of OJESH hyaluronic acid different from other products
OJESH hyaluronic acid has high activity, and the essential active ingredient is extracted through HTN™ patent penetration technology. This German patented technology allows OJESH hyaluronic acid to penetrate the dermis more than three times as quickly and efficiently and persistently. The pioneering technology of degrading and refining micromolecules is also unique in the world. All the products are manufactured in strict accordance with the German production standards and packed in anti-oxidation sterile bottles. OJESH hyaluronic acid is a coated hyaluronic acid, which is simpler to use without injection, more stable, mild and non-irritating. One hyaluronic acid molecule can lock up the moisture of over 6000 times its own specific gravity, so as to make skin epidermal cells fill up.

3. Global marketing layout of OJESH brand
OJESH has set up branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore. Considering the huge market in China, they set up their operation headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Each branch of OJESH has a complete product supply chain, professional logistics warehousing team, German scientific research center, to provide comprehensive support for the entire supply chain.

4. Official purchase channels of OJESH hyaluronic acid
OJESH has established a complete distribution system in Europe, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, united Arab emirates, Canada, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. And they supply products through duty-free shops, drugstores, cosmetic chain stores, plastic surgery hospitals, online cosmetics and department store sales platforms in Europe, such as Point-Rouge.de, Otto.de and Amazon.de. OJESH group strives to provide global customers with efficient, convenient and quality services.

As an internationally advanced hyaluronic acid brand, OJESH is bringing beauty to women all over the world. Thanks for Mr. Wang Jiayi’s wonderful sharing, let more consumers know more about OJESH and its hyaluronic acid.

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