Ohming Technology Reacts to Study Showing America’s Booming Mobile Device Ownership

Ohming Technology discusses the drastic increase in mobile device ownership in America.

Ohming Technology, (www.Ohming.com), a company that is making it more convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously, is reacting to a study that shows America’s ownership of mobile devices is booming.

A recent study by Pew Research Center found that ownership of mobile devices among adult Americans is continuing to increase at a dramatic pace. Since the last study in 2011, 70% of American adults between the ages of 18 and 49 now own cell phones and 45% own tablets; those figures are up from 45% and 3%, respectively. (Source: Hunt, G., “American ownership of mobile devices absolutely exploding,” Silicon Republic web site, November 3, 2015; https://www.siliconrepublic.com/gear/2015/11/02/american-smartphone-ownership-absolutely-exploding.)

“Even though an increase in mobile ownership is expected in this digital, round-the-clock culture, this type of increase is still incredible,” says Paul Romanenko, Owner and CEO of Ohming Technology. “To see numbers jump this drastically really speaks to how people are choosing to consume information and stay plugged in to content.”

Not all mobile devices have enjoyed this type of boom, however. E-reader ownership actually decreased, from 32% last year down to only 19%. MP3 ownership remained steady, with similar figures since 2009, and laptop and desktop ownership remaining at the same levels for over a decade.

“The decrease in e-reader ownership is interesting, given all the disruption in the publishing industry,” says Romanenko. He is quick to point out that those in the business of selling laptops or desktops should be encouraged by this study, as it shows that the proliferation of mobile devices hasn’t negatively impacted that market.

“Some assume that the length of time a mobile device is actually functional plays a role in the consumption, as consumers are continually upgrading to newer devices. However, it’s likely just the direction technology is taking and the way people prefer to interact with each other,” Romanenko concludes. “People communicate through their mobile devices more than anything. They also consume content on these devices at high rates, so it makes sense.”

Ohming Technology does its part by developing products to keep mobile devices charged while users are on the move. Learn more about the personal Charge M.E and the other multi-port charging products made available by Ohming Technology by visiting www.Ohming.com.

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