Ohming Technology Announces Partnership with Numero Uno Web Solutions

Ohming Technology, a company that makes it easier to charge multiple devices at once with the Charge M.E. Hub, is announcing its partnership with Numero Uno Web Solutions.

Ohming Technology (www.Ohming.com), a company that is taking the resistance out of technology and making it convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously with the Charge M.E. USB Hub, is announcing its partnership with Numero Uno Web Solutions.

“This is an opportunity for us to really increase our exposure on a level we've never experienced,” says Paul Romanenko, owner and CEO of Ohming Technology. “We offer a portable charging device that we feel is unique and so the thought of reaching more people who can utilize this product is exciting.”

The unique product Romanenko mentions is the Charge M.E. Multiport USB 3.0 Hub—a portable charging port that can charge up to eight devices at the same time independently.

“On top of having a platform that can accommodate multiple devices simultaneously, what makes the Charge M.E. special is that it doesn’t need to be hooked up to a computer or any other software. This makes it easier for people to charge their devices while on the road,” Romanenko adds. “Our partnership with Numero Uno Web Solutions is the perfect solution to bring awareness to this product.”

Ara Libarian, General Manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions, says he is confident his company can drive more online traffic to Ohming Technology.

“Romanenko understands the benefits online marketing and SEO can have in generating more leads to his business,” says Libarian. “We wouldn’t take on a client if we didn’t believe we had a great chance at helping them be successful. Ohming Technology is one of those organizations we believe in and expect to have great success.”

Romanenko says that he’s anxious to see what the official numbers will look like after the first month of working with Numero Uno.

“Numbers don’t lie, and Numero Uno is a results-based business,” concludes Romanenko. “So they understand the effort that needs to be put into improving the current standing of our company. We at Ohming Technology are truly happy about finding Numero Uno, and we are ready to get started on establishing an outstanding online presence together.”

For more information on Ohming Technology and the Charge M.E. Multiport USB 3.0 Hub, visit www.Ohming.com.

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