Offer Sesame Provides a Marketplace To Serve Both The "We Buy Houses Companies" and Distressed Home Sellers

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Distressed Homesellers need a better solution to sell their houses. The current solution mainly benefits the real estate investor that buys the house. Offer Sesame built a marketplace where homeowners can list and sell their houses fast. Investors get to bid on off-market deals.

Offer Sesame brings a new twist to the cash home buying real estate space by offering a marketplace that serves real estate investors and distressed home sellers. The marketplace enables homeowners to list their properties, gather multiple bids, and sell their houses fast, all in one place. Real estate investors get off-market deals without having to invest in marketing to find properties to buy.

The current solution for homeowners to sell their houses fast for cash is incredibly fragmented. Real Estate agents have a hard time selling houses that are in disrepair on the traditional market. The “we buy houses” companies have a reputation for unsophisticated marketing tactics. Also, finding buyers for houses that need major renovations is difficult.

Offer Sesame solves these current problems by being a trusted national brand that homeowners can turn to when they need to sell their properties without dealing directly with these “we buy houses” companies. Also, homeowners can list their properties free of charge and avoid the common closing fees that are a part of selling.

The investors that participate with Offer Sesame are rigorously vetted and must adhere to the guidelines set down by Offer Sesame. This provides a safe and professional experience to home sellers.

Whatever situation caused the homeowner to sell, the investors are instructed to maintain their confidentiality. The common situations are inheriting a house that is not needed, relocation, home needs repairs, or downsizing.

The founders of Offer Sesame have experience in the cash home buying space and realized that the industry needed a transformation. Offer Sesame was created to bring a unified brand where home sellers and investors can interact in one place.

“I noticed that people needed to sell their house fast for cash with no fees and no fuss, and their selling channels were limited and didn’t exactly provide a good UX,” explains Philipp Schaetz, one of the founders of Offer Sesame, “this reinforced that they needed a better alternative and that is why we created a marketplace. It’s a two birds one stone business model. Though we offer a better solution to distressed home sellers, we benefit the “we buy houses” investors tremendously. Finding off-market all-cash deals is becoming more difficult in today’s real estate market and not to mention expensive. With Offer Sesame, investors can get leads directly mailed to their inboxes.”

Offer Sesame is a nationwide marketplace that brings investors and home sellers together. Homeowners can now receive multiple bids and sell their houses without having to reach out to different real estate investment companies. The investors are screened by Open Sesame and are held up to the companies standards of engagement. Currently, Alabama is Offer Sesame’s strongest market. They enable homeowners to sell their houses fast without the usual hassle. Investors benefit because they get leads without having to invest in marketing

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